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Skaldrun is an immortal cursed storyteller from the Fourth Age, recently rescued from Daemonheim by the player. He tells stories in a mix of questing and Dungeoneering, called Fremennik Sagas. The player is able to find him by entering the Frozen floors in dungeoneering, with at least complexity 2 activated. They will find him frozen in ice as a Frozen figure, and will be required to unfreeze him. A tinderbox and some wood or runes for any fire spell is needed to do so.

After you unfreeze Skaldrun, you can find him again at the camp. He is west of the Rewards Trader and Thok of Daemonheim. You will find him north of the fire.

Players can't start sagas when they are in a Dungeoneering party. Skaldrun would say "You appear to be waiting to enter Daemonheim currently to craft your own stories. Come back once you're done." Players can't start sagas either if they are under the effect of Overload.

In the sagas, the Signature Heroes Ariane, Ozan and Sir Owen appear in the game for the first time. The sagas have various skill requirements, but if the player doesn't have these skills, it is still possible to play an abridged version of it. In that version, only a small part of the reward and the storyline will be given, but as the sagas are replayable, it is still possible to come back with the full requirements and get the full reward and storyline.

When you talk to him at the camp he says that he remembers chronicling life in Daemonheim for someone. He mentions a collection of journals, being torn apart and scattered across the dungeon. He can't remember exactly for whom he did this, he thinks he did it for "a man". This has led some to speculate that Skaldrun is Grondaban, the person who wrote most of the Boss Journals.


Three's Company No
Vengeance Yes
Nadir Yes
Thok It to 'Em Yes
Thok Your Block Off Yes




  • A "Skald" is a type of ancient Viking poet who wrote and recited legendary or heroic poetry (known as "skaldic poetry") of figures such as kings and gods.
  • When talked in Daemonheim, there is an option that allows you to ask him what is at the bottom of Daemonheim, to which he responds that he won't tell because of "Spoilers, my boy, spoilers!". ("Spoilers, dear Lady, spoilers!" if you have a female character). This is similar to what Professor River Song from Doctor Who says when asked about future events.
  • The frozen Skaldrun makes a cameo appearance in Thok It To 'Em, in which Thok sees the strange block of ice but decides that it "no interest Thok", and so leaves it alone.
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