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The Skeletal sorcerer is one of the three undead adventurers of the Skeletal trio, the others being the Skeletal warrior and the skeletal archer. When fighting players, he will pray against random combat styles just like his comrades. He is wearing a full set of tier 11 (celestial) robes. Unlike the rest of the dark mages inhabiting the dungeons, he uses a staff to aid in spellcasting. He casts a strong version of Earth Wave as his primary attack. Like his comrades, he can hit over 1000 damage at his highest level.

It is highly advised to Protect from Magic/Deflect Magic to block half the damage from the Skeletal Sorcerer if you are fighting with melee, as his attacks can hit quite accurately against metal armour. He is usually the first skeleton killed because most groups tend to be melee-based.


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  • Whereas the celestial hood has dark green cloth that goes over player's face, the skeletal sorcerer has a grey one, showing skeletal facial features through it.
  • The staff that the skeletal sorcerer wields is a celestial catalytic staff.
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