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Skeletons in Daemonheim can use any of the three different attack styles. They can only be found in the Abandoned, Occult, and Warped floors, and, with the minor exception of the mage, they are weak to all forms of attack, particularly crush attacks. They also serve as primary enemies in the Skeletal Horde fight.



Similar to the ones found outside of Daemonheim, has the highest number of variations in appearance out of the 3. As they are melee fighters, they are considerably weak against magic attacks. They often wield weapons such as Hatchets, Warhammers, Longswords, and more. On occasion, they can drop these weapons when defeated. They can deal considerable damage for their level; the highest levelled (178) skeletons can even hit over 350. The max hit of a warrior skeleton depends on what weapon (if any) it is wielding - the more powerful the weapon, the higher the skeleton's max hit. For example, skeletons wielding longswords, flails, or warhammers will generally hit harder than similarly-levelled skeletons wielding shortswords, hatchets, or no weapon at all.


Attacks by throwing skulls at players, and frequently changes targets. These skeletons don't hit as high for their level as the warrior and mage skeletons, but they have somewhat high defence, attack quickly, and are very accurate to compensate. They are weak to crush attacks. These skeletons have a tannish colour, and their attack has a distinctive sound. The highest level (198) skeleton rangers tend to hit into the low to mid-400s against players in magic armour. They will also target random players that are attacking it or other players (unless the other player uses a shadow silk hood). These skeletons should be targeted first, unless there are other high-levelled dangers (such as mysterious shades) nearby in the room.


Attacks with a purple magic spell, and will frequently change targets just like the ranged skeletons. They have relatively high defence to melee attacks and moderate magic defence, but are weak against ranged attacks, specifically thrown weapons. Being a mage, it can attack players wearing a Shadow silk hood. However, unlike Forgotten mages, they will not disable its effects. In addition, they cannot use binding or stat reduction spells, but they do attack slightly faster to compensate. The highest levelled (198) skeleton magi can hit into the mid 500s or more. Fortunately, they have extremely low accuracy. These monsters are similar in appearance to the skeleton magi found outside of Daemonheim, but they use a purplish spell instead of the Earth Bolt and Fire Blast spells used by the magi on the surface.


100% drops

Item Quantity Rarity GE price
BonesBones1AlwaysNot sold


These are only dropped by warrior skeletons. The type of weapon dropped depends on the skeleton's combat level and the weapon type it is wielding. For example, a promethium hatchet can only be dropped by a level 126 skeleton wielding a hatchet.

Item Tier Smuggler value Members only?
Novite rapier Novite rapier 1 210 No
Novite longsword Novite longsword 1 210 No
Novite warhammer Novite warhammer 1 210 No
Novite hatchet Novite hatchet 1 105 No
Bathus rapier Bathus rapier 2 510 No
Bathus longsword Bathus longsword 2 510 No
Bathus warhammer Bathus warhammer 2 510 No
Bathus hatchet Bathus hatchet 2 255 No
Marmaros rapier Marmaros rapier 3 960 No
Marmaros longsword Marmaros longsword 3 960 No
Marmaros warhammer Marmaros warhammer 3 960 No
Marmaros hatchet Marmaros hatchet 3 480 No
Kratonite rapier Kratonite rapier 4 1,320 No
Kratonite longsword Kratonite longsword 4 1,320 No
Kratonite warhammer Kratonite warhammer 4 1,320 No
Kratonite hatchet Kratonite hatchet 4 660 No
Fractite rapier Fractite rapier 5 1,830 No
Fractite longsword Fractite longsword 5 1,830 No
Fractite warhammer Fractite warhammer 5 1,830 No
Fractite hatchet Fractite hatchet 5 915 No
Zephyrium rapier Zephyrium rapier 6 2,130 Yes
Zephyrium longsword Zephyrium longsword 6 2,130 Yes
Zephyrium warhammer Zephyrium warhammer 6 2,130 Yes
Zephyrium hatchet Zephyrium hatchet 6 1,065 Yes
Argonite rapier Argonite rapier 7 2,670 Yes
Argonite longsword Argonite longsword 7 2,670 Yes
Argonite warhammer Argonite warhammer 7 2,670 Yes
Argonite hatchet Argonite hatchet 7 1,335 Yes
Katagon rapier Katagon rapier 8 3,030 Yes
Katagon longsword Katagon longsword 8 3,030 Yes
Katagon warhammer Katagon warhammer 8 3,030 Yes
Katagon hatchet Katagon hatchet 8 1,515 Yes
Gorgonite rapier Gorgonite rapier 9 3,450 Yes
Gorgonite longsword Gorgonite longsword 9 3,450 Yes
Gorgonite warhammer Gorgonite warhammer 9 3,450 Yes
Gorgonite hatchet Gorgonite hatchet 9 1,725 Yes
Promethium rapier Promethium rapier 10 4,080 Yes
Promethium longsword Promethium longsword 10 4,080 Yes
Promethium warhammer Promethium warhammer 10 4,080 Yes
Promethium hatchet Promethium hatchet 10 2,040 Yes

Other Drops

Quantities and rarities are random. Dropped food will usually be the second best you can fish and cook and drops in general will become less generous as you progress.
Torn bags
Non-members can receive torn bags as well, although they can only sell or alchemise them.


  • Prior to the Dungeoneering dual wielding update, the mage skeletons were weak to arrows. Their weakness was changed to thrown with the update.
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