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Hunter is a tedious 99 to achieve. Although it may seem slow at first, at higher levels it becomes quicker. Constant attention is required, but it is a popular skill for money.
Hunter is a tedious 99 to achieve. Although it may seem slow at first, at higher levels it becomes quicker. Constant attention is required, but it is a popular skill for money.
With the release of Divination, a lot of Hunter xp can be earned from 99 Divination alone.|-
With the release of Divination, a lot of Hunter xp can be earned from 99 Divination alone.

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See Hiscores for the relative total rankings of the different skills.

Number of accounts at level 99 or more
Attack 212,258 Constitution 240,048 Mining 132,412
Strength 236,179 Agility 101,003 Smithing 128,850
Defence 222,842 Herblore 160,742 Fishing 150,857
Ranged 209,828 Thieving 115,999 Cooking 204,671
Prayer 165,071 Crafting 117,362 Firemaking 199,750
Magic 235,348 Fletching 173,715 Woodcutting 180,555
Runecrafting 105,350 Slayer 148,441 Farming 102,949
Construction 101,331 Hunter 102,010 Summoning 144,434
Dungeoneering 119,157 Divination 96,752 All skills: 5,473
As of 16 August 2018
Runecrafting Emote

A player performing the Cape of Accomplishment emote from the Runecrafting cape for level 99 Runecrafting.

Skill mastery is achieved by reaching level 99 in any skill. Level 99 is achieved by reaching 13,034,431 experience points in a skill. Although 99 is the level required for skill mastery, Dungeoneering has a maximum level of 120, achieved at 104,273,167 experience points. The current maximum total level is 2,595 (level 99 in all skills and level 120 in Dungeoneering). When level 99 is reached in any skill, there is a different fireworks animation that can be heard by everyone nearby.

Pay-to-play players reaching level 99 in a skill are entitled to wear a Cape of Accomplishment for that particular skill. This cape is bought from a specific skill master for 99,000 coins. When operated, the player performs a unique emote and has their level in the skill boosted to 100 for a short time. Furthermore, if the player reaches Level 99 in more than one skill, the player's skill cape becomes trimmed and any more skill capes the player obtains will also become trimmed along with the newly received cape.

File:Phantom Level 100.png
Before the Skill interface update, players with a level 99 skill could view the experience needed to earn level 100.

In RuneScape Classic, the maximum total level was 1,782. With the addition of Runecrafting (1,881), Slayer (1,980), Farming (2,079), Construction (2,178), Hunter (2,277), Summoning (2,376), Dungeoneering (2,496) and the newest skill recently released, Divination, the maximum total level is now 2,595.

Audio options icon
Level 99 Jingle
Sound acquired at any level 99 skill.

Level 99 Parties

A Level 99 party is a party held by a player to celebrate his/her achievement in getting a level 99 in a skill. This party can happen anywhere; many players have them at their POH, and some choose to be near the skill master so they can get their cape quicker. There are mixed views on these parties, which also vary for different skills. Some players view "easy" 99s unworthy of parties, but this varies greatly.



Players tend to invite friends to follow them as they level up from 98 to 99. After levelling, they usually head to the master of that skillcape (For example Wilfred near Falador who sells woodcutting capes or Hickton in Catherby who sells Fletching capes). The player will then buy the cape (value of 99,000) of the 99 skill and equip it. After buying it, it is an unofficial custom for players to do the first skillcape emote with that cape, often with a group.

Alternatively, some players may get 99 in a skill (without any friends) and later go with a group of friends to purchase the skillcape.

Players may take videos or get a friend to take a video of their journey to 99 and of them getting their cape. These videos are some of the most common RuneScape videos shown on sites such as YouTube. These videos are made to congratulate, or in memory of another user, or the owners themselves and to commemorate their efforts in receiving 99 in the particular skill they have achieved.


The player may then host a house party in their house or a friend's. The group of players will usually just have fun and relax. Alternatively, players may head to the Party Room and have a drop party. They may light origami balloons, use toy mice, or do anything else to celebrate. Players may also host normal drop parties (which involves the player dropping the items manually).

Skill Mastery


When a player achieves level 99 in a skill, a message will appear in orange text to the other players on the same server.

Achieving 120 Dungeoneering, reaching 99 in every skill, or earning the right to wear the Completionist cape or its trimmed version will be announced on all of RuneScape's servers in red text. A similar message, again in red text, was displayed when the first player reached 99 in Divination (on 29 Aug 2013) reading: "Congratulations to Im Choice for being the first to reach 99 Divination!"

When a player achieves something and their private chat is set at least on 'friends', it will be announced in green text to all logged-in players on their friends list regardless of whether they are on the server.

However, one may only see another player's achievements if they have the 'Broadcast Messages' button toggled to on, the button is located next to the trade and assist button.

Broadcasts may be disabled by untoggling the 'Broadcast Messages' button.

First Players to Achieve Level 99 and Level 120

When level 99 stats first started appearing, players with such stats were often well known around the RuneScape community since they were one of the few to have a level 99 stat.

Below is a chronological list of the first players to reach level 99 and level 120 in their respective skill

Everdred 99

The first player to reach level 99 in any skill and in Woodcutting.


The first player to reach level 99 in Smithing.

2002 - zonghui - 99melee

The first player to reach level 99 in all melee stats.

2003-03-23 - ltangel - 99 crafting

The first player to reach level 99 in Crafting.

Achievement Date Achieved Player
99 Woodcutting icon highscores Woodcutting 28 August 2001 Everdred
99 Magic icon highscores Magic 21 October 2001 Bluerose13x
99 Smithing icon highscores Smithing 13 December 2001 Bluerose13x
99 Cooking icon highscores Cooking 8 January 2002 Tks
99 Firemaking icon highscores Firemaking 5 April 2002 Cowchicken


99 Fishing icon highscores Fishing 16 May 2002 Tks
99 Attack icon highscores Attack 16 May 2002 Zonghui 2
99 Strength icon highscores Strength 7 June 2002 Ladykilljoy 2
99 Hitpoints icon highscores Constitution 7 June 2002 Zonghui
99 Defence icon highscores Defence 7 June 2002 Zonghui 2
99 Thieving icon highscores Thieving 3 August 2002 Swedemike
99 Mining icon highscores Mining 11 October 2002 Joe Bill64
99 Ranged icon highscores Ranged 17 November 2002 Snake Slava
99 Agility icon highscores Agility 23 March 2003 Thehate
99 Crafting icon highscores Crafting 30 March 2003 Ltangel
99 Fletching icon highscores Fletching 9 April 2003 Chilipeppers
99 Herblore icon highscores Herblore 9 June 2003 Halw Gnun
99 Prayer icon highscores Prayer 17 May 2004 Lilyuffie88
99 Runecrafting icon highscores Runecrafting 15 September 2004 Kale Stille
99 Slayer icon highscores Slayer 9 July 2005 Zezima
99 Farming icon highscores Farming 27 September 2005 0xpx0
99 Construction icon highscores Construction 6 June 2006 Cursed You
99 Hunter icon highscores Hunter 2 December 2006 Darkforest67
99 Summoning icon highscores Summoning 8 February 2008 Nercychlidae
99 Dungeoneering icon highscores Dungeoneering 7 May 2010 Skiller 703
120 Dungeoneering icon highscores Dungeoneering 22 August 2010 Telmomarques
99 Divination-icon Divination 29 August 2013 Im Choice

First Players to Max Skill Totals

Achievement (Members) Date Achieved Player
1980 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 9 July 2005 Zezima
2079 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 4 October 2005 Zezima
2178 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 11 June 2006 N0valyfe
2277 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 8 December 2006 Thehate
2376 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 12 February 2008 Kingduffy
2475 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 7 May 2010 Skiller 703
2496 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 22 August 2010 Telmomarques
2595 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 29 August 2013 Im Choice
Achievement (Free-to-Play) Date Achieved Player
1494 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 28 January 2008 Syzygy
1593 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 11 June 2010 S Diamant Y
1614 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 9 October 2010 El Popo1
Achievement (Runescape Classic) Date Achieved Player
1782 Stats Overall icon highscores Overall 10 August 2009 Mr Helmut
1. ^ Cowchicken and Dragoon 787 reached level 99 Firemaking on the same day, but it is commonly accepted that Cowchicken reached it earlier.
2. ^ Attack, Strength and Defence did not appear on the highscores until 2004, making it very difficult to track who achieved 99 in these skills.

Rarity of level 99s

Strength is currently the most common 99 skill in the game, followed by Magic, Cooking, and Constitution. Divination, AgilityConstruction, and Hunter are the rarest. Below is a list of the order of the skills ranked by on the number of players having 99 in it. Most people consider Cooking and Fletching to be the easiest 99s to achieve. It should be noted however, that although they are considered the easiest by many people, they are not necessarily the fastest. For example, it is possible to earn several hundred thousand Construction experience per hour, but only by using extremely expensive methods. Opinions on skills vary greatly, so it comes down to the individual to decide for themselves which they prefer and dislike.

NOTE: The skills' difficulty, attention, speed and profit rating is based upon a typical player achieving 99 using the quickest methods. Combat skills (with the obvious exception of Prayer and Summoning) are potentially by far the most profitable to train through boss hunting and camping monsters such as frost dragons for their drops, although the majority of players usually train these skills using low-profit methods such as completing Slayer assignments.

  • Difficulty: The amount of planning required to train the skill and the risks involved.
  • Attention: The number of clicks it takes per minute to train the skill.
  • Speed: The experience rate per hour.
  • Profit: The amount of money earned from training the skill
  • Cost: The amount of money needed to train the skill
Rank Skill Difficulty Attention Speed Profit Cost Frequency Reason
1 Strength 2***** 2***** 4***** 3***** 1***** 236,179 Strength is popular among many pures, who tend to have low Defence and very high Strength. Quick, easy and somewhat inexpensive (or profitable) to train, depending on the monsters chosen to fight. Strength is decreasing in popularity as a result of the Evolution of Combat, which places more emphasis on weapon choice when it comes to damage potential.
2 Magic 1***** 1***** 5***** 3***** 3***** 235,348

Before the evolution of combat magic was possibly the most difficult combat skill to master. It was not particularly hard, but it requires a lot of time and attention and can be very expensive if trained using quick methods. Many prefer to high alch their way to 99. Use of String Jewellery GREATLY reduces the attention paid, since one click performs all the casts required to string the amulets in the player's inventory.

Since the release of the evolution of combat magic became very easy and fast to train as magic xp is now based on the enemy killed not the spell casted or damage dealt. It is also approaching Strength in skill frequency as it is relatively easy and very useful.

Most players prefer to train magic in areas with many agressive targets such as dagganoths using blood barrage/burst as this is a very fast method of training which requires little effort.

3 Cooking 1***** 1***** 5***** 3***** 2***** 204,671 Cooking is one of the fastest and easiest 99s to achieve. It requires little attention and is somewhat inexpensive (especially in conjunction with fishing training). As such, it is one of the most common 99s.
4 Constitution 3***** 2***** 2***** 2***** 1***** 240,048 99 Constitution comes passively with other high combat skills. Many players will achieve 99 in some other combat skill before they achieve 99 Constitution, making the untrimmed skillcape extremely rare.
5 Attack 3***** 2***** 3***** 2***** 1***** 212,258 Attack is also popular among pures, though pures and lower levels tend to level Strength first. Like strength and defence, it is cheap and easy to train.
6 Defence 3***** 2***** 3***** 2***** 2***** 222,842 Even though Defence is ignored by pures, it is quite common among tankers and players seeking maxed melee stats. Like Attack and Strength, depending on the methods, it can be somewhat inexpensive to train, requiring only some attention. Defence is becoming more popular with the release of the EOC, as Mages and Rangers use it and it's much more useful for all combat classes, including Melee.
7 Woodcutting 2***** 2***** 2***** 5***** 1***** 180,555 Woodcutting is a fairly easy 99 to achieve. It can be done quickly with no profit or slowly, earning quite a decent amount of money. It also requires little money to train. Not much attention is required. With the update of ivy, Woodcutting became much easier.
8 Firemaking 1***** 2***** 4***** 1***** 3***** 199,750 Firemaking is a very fast 99 to achieve. This skill can cost nothing or quite a lot, depending on how you choose to acquire level 99. ( It requires little attention after bonfire update.)
9 Fletching 2***** 2***** 4***** 3***** 1***** 173,715 Fletching is one of the easiest and quickest 99s to achieve. It doesn't require much attention and it's rather cheap (depending on the methods used), or even profitable, compared to other skills.
10 Ranged 3***** 3***** 3***** 2***** 2***** 209,828 Ranged used to be a fast skill with the usage of Red chinchompas. With the launch of the Evolution of Combat, this has changed dramatically since the experience is no longer given at each hit, but once the opponent is defeated. This also caused a huge drop in chinchompas' price. Nowadays, it's considered to be a skill trained at a slow-medium speed. It can again be trained with the usage of Red chinchompas again by killing abyssal creatures in the Abyss (300k xp/h approx).
11 Prayer 4***** 3***** 4***** 1***** 5***** 165,071 Prayer is one of the fastest 99s to achieve. However, it is extremely expensive, especially if faster methods are used. It is relatively common however as it is very useful in combat. However, many players leave it at level 95 because there are no benefits after that excluding 40 Prayer points to your maximum Prayer points and the Prayer skillcape.
12 Fishing 2***** 1***** 1***** 3***** 2***** 150,857

Though Fishing is not particularly fast, little attention is required, and it can be quite profitable. Although fast experience methods require to spend some money on bait at the beginning, the later training requires little money to max up the skill. A player can gain around 45-65 k/h, using the better methods, little attention is desirable.

13 Herblore 3***** 3***** 5***** 1***** 5***** 160,742

Herblore is a fairly fast 99 to achieve. It doesn't require much attention, but depending on the methods used, it may be extremely expensive. However it is quite common for its cost due to the very useful rewards it yields, such as extremes and overloads.

With the release of Wilderness Warbands the frequency of this skill increased, as players had access to free daily xp.

14 Dungeoneering 4***** 4***** 4***** 1***** 0***** 119,157 (99+)
0 (120)
Dungeoneering is not a difficult skill to attain mastery in. Like some other skills, it requires constant attention, as it involves all skills, boss fights and puzzles. It also requires a lot of planning and teamwork for fast training. In return, proper training methods will give very fast experience rates per hour. The skill does not have that much use outside Daemonheim, apart from a cape and several reward items as well as having access to resource dungeons. There is no direct cost associated with conventional training for this skill, but some resort to buying dungeon floors from various dungeoneering leech clans with a variety of prices. Some elite groups use Overload or Prayer Renewal doses for their lasting effect.
15 Summoning 4***** 3***** 1***** 1***** 4***** 144,434 Summoning is one of the fastest 99s to achieve once all the charms are gathered. The gathering of said charms, though, is an impressive task that takes a vast amount of time. In addition, the other ingredients for the pouches are often quite expensive due to demand. (Faster methods will speed up the xp rate significantly, but at a greater cost.)
16 Runecrafting 3***** 2***** 3***** 2***** 0***** 105,350 Runecrafting is a moderately paced skill to train. In the Runespan, it's possible to obtain reasonably fast experience per hour without paying much attention (~100k+ /h at level 99), but at the cost of zero profit. Regular runecrafting at altars and to a less degree, the Ourania altar, affords a lucrative profit, particularly at high levels, but is very slow experience (~50-60k at 99)
17 Slayer 3***** 3***** 1***** 2***** 2***** 148,441 Slayer is levelled alongside combat. Therefore, players will frequently achieve 99 in combat skills while reaching 99 Slayer. It is often achieved simply for the cape, but can be relatively profitable. Note that Slayer is one of the slowest skills in which to reach 99. In addition, it requires a lot of planning and having to buy supplies.
18 Crafting 2***** 3***** 3***** 2***** 4***** 117,362 Crafting can be a fairly fast 99 to achieve for those with the wealth to do so. It will be much slower without said wealth. Can be trained with little attention.
19 Mining 3***** 2***** 3***** 3***** 1***** 132,412 Mining is a tedious 99 to achieve. It starts out slow, but when players are able to mine in the Living Rock Caverns it becomes a little quicker, and much less attention is required, and players achieving 99 can make decent profit. (around 150k+ /h, at level 99 from concentrated gold depending on prices.) Lava Flow Mine has made training mining a lot less attention-intensive, but is slower than concentrated gold and has little to no profit.
20 Smithing 2***** 2***** 3***** 2***** 5***** 128,850 Smithing can be a fast 99 to achieve. It requires some attention and is generally expensive, depending on the method used.
21 Farming 3***** 3***** 2***** 5***** 5***** 102,949

Farming is a slow and tedious 99 to achieve. It can be trained passively as plants can go unattended for long periods of time; however, depending upon how you train it, you will either gain or lose a lot of money. The skill is rather difficult to train due to optimal route planning.

With the release of Wilderness Warbands, this skill increased in frequency as large amounts of free daily xp became available.

22 Thieving 3***** 3***** 4***** 3***** 0***** 115,999 Thieving is one of the fastest 99s to achieve with many players oblivious to its quickest methods. It does however require constant attention. The amount of planning needed depends on the level and method used. It can cost some money to spend on food required to heal after failing the skill.
23 Hunter 3***** 5***** 5***** 5***** 0***** 102,010

Hunter is a tedious 99 to achieve. Although it may seem slow at first, at higher levels it becomes quicker. Constant attention is required, but it is a popular skill for money.

With the release of Divination, a lot of Hunter xp can be earned from 99 Divination alone.

24 Construction 3***** 5***** 5***** 1***** 5***** 101,331

Construction is currently one of the fastest skills to train as it is possible to get 99 in less than a week. However, it is without a doubt one of the more expensive skills at higher levels, and most players would find acquiring this sort of money much more of a challenge than training the skill itself. For example, leveling from 74-99 alone can cost around 200,000,000 coins or more (with the quick methods). Keep in mind that acquiring sacred clay hammers from Stealing Creation can reduce the cost of training this skill by as much as half the amount of cash needed.

With the release of Wilderness Warbands and god statues offering free daily and monthly construction experience the rate of increase of skill frequency has increased substantially.

25 Agility 4***** 5***** 1***** 1***** 1***** 101,003

Agility goes at a slow-medium pace. Constant attention is required. Although it does not yield any profit, Agility is one of the few non-combat skills for which there is a benefit gained from each level. However, it may require some money for food and potions. (~65k+ /h, at level 93+ using barbarian adv course.)

Players may also choose to use the penance horn as it can offer up to 1.3 million bonus experience (at higher levels) when fully charged.

26 Divination 2***** 3***** 1***** 4***** 2***** 96,752 Divination is RuneScape's newest skill which naturally makes it the rarest level 99. It is a very slow skill and if trained in a certain way, can be very expensive or very profitable. It doesn't require much attention.

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