Skill outfit add-ons are items won from Treasure Hunter and combined with the headpieces of Experience-boosting sets to grant them additional abilities, whilst maintaining their existing 1% experience boost to their relevant skill. The first batch was released on 5 September 2014, and the second batch was released on 11 June 2015. Players can only win them if they already own the headpiece. Add-ons can also be purchased from Vic's Store when Vic the trader is around. When purchasing from Vic, the list of possible add-ons is not limited to those for which the headgear is already owned.

Each headpiece gains the following effects when modified:

  • Offers three daily teleports to a skill-related location.
  • Generates items, the number related to the number of additional pieces of the outfit owned.
  • Offers a chance to save a skill-related resource or duplicate a created item.

Add-ons are added to their respective headpieces by clicking the add-on while the headpiece is in the bank or inventory.

Skill Modified item Item Add-on Added effect Teleport location Max daily loot
Items Value
Cooking Modified sous chef's toque Modified sous chef's toque Sous chef's toque Sous chef's toque add-on 5% chance of cooking a duplicate food item (automatically banked) Cooking Guild 10 Pie shell Pie shells 2,910
Crafting Modified artisan's bandana Modified artisan's bandana Artisan's bandana Artisan's bandana add-on 5% chance of saving a piece of leather (automatically banked) Crafting Guild 35 Soft clay Soft clay 14,315
Divination Modified diviner's headwear Modified diviner's headwear Diviner's headwear Diviner's headwear add-on 5% chance of saving energy while weaving or transmuting Orla Fairweather or Guthix's Cave (if The World Wakes is complete) 3 Chronicle fragment Chronicle fragments N/A
Farming Modified farmer's hat Modified farmer's hat Farmer's hat Farmer's hat add-on 2% chance of saving seeds when planting them. Morytania (Taverley if Morytania is not yet unlocked) allotment patch 4 Bird's nest (seeds 2) Bird's nests (seed) 26,412[1]
Herblore Modified botanist's mask Modified botanist's mask Botanist's mask Botanist's mask add-on 5% chance of making duplicate potions (automatically banked) Catherby herb patch 200 Vial of water Vials of water 19,400
Prayer Modified first age tiara Modified first age tiara First age tiara First age tiara add-on 2% chance of saving bones when buried or used on an altar. Player-owned house 3 Dragon bones Dragon bones 6,675
Smithing Modified blacksmith's helmet Modified blacksmith's helmet Blacksmith's helmet Blacksmith's helmet add-on 5% chance to save coal when smelting ores Artisan's Workshop 50 Coal Coal 5,600
Summoning Modified shaman's headdress Modified shaman's headdress Shaman's headdress Shaman's headdress add-on 5% chance of saving a charm when infusing pouches Bogrog 500 Spirit shards Spirit shards 11,500
  1. ^ Value of crushed nests only; value of seeds not included due to random nature.


  • Attempting to attach an add-on while wearing the headwear in question gives the message You cannot modify your headpiece when you are wearing it. Please remove it first.
  • Attempting to attach an add-on while the headwear is not in your inventory, equipped, or in your bank results in the message The headpiece that goes with this add-on is not with you. Please collect it from Diango if you have lost it.
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