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Total level: 1961
Attack 1 Constitution 10 Mining 99
Strength 1 Agility 99 Smithing 99
Defence 1 Herblore 99 Fishing 99
Ranged 1 Thieving 99 Cooking 99
Prayer 1 Crafting 99 Firemaking 99
Magic 1 Fletching 99 Woodcutting 99
Runecrafting 99 Slayer 120 Farming 99
Construction 99 Hunter 99 Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 120 Divination 99 Invention 120
Attack style icon fixed.png 3 Quest.png 154 Music icon fixed.png ----
Task icon fixed.png ---- RuneScore.png -----

A skiller or skill pure is a player that develops non-combat skills rather than combat skills. Skill pures usually have the goal to reach as high as possible in all skills that do not increase Combat level, and normally keep combat skills at level 1, making them combat level 3. This makes it harder to gain levels, as areas with dangerous monsters, or areas that require a quest involving combat, cannot be used for training. While skillers generally do not train combat skills (Attack, Strength, Defence, Ranged, Magic, Constitution, Prayer, and Summoning), some variants (see below) selectively train one or more of the combat skills while avoiding others.

It is recommended that skill pures wield ranged weapons without ammo (for example, a shortbow, shieldbow, or crossbow) or a magic weapon without setting an autocast spell (such as a staff, magic staff, or wizard wand). This is to avoid getting combat XP by accidentally attacking monsters.

Skill pures are advised to set the options to hide the attack options on both players and monsters in the options tab to hidden. This is to prevent gaining any Combat experience in the event that a monster is accidentally attacked.


Level 3

This is the generic skiller; they have 10 Constitution and all combat skills are level 1. These are the most commonly found type of skiller.

Summoning pure

The only combat skill these accounts train is Summoning. These pures must obtain charms from a handful of non-combat sources (see below). These accounts have a maximum combat level of 15.

Prayer pure

The only combat skill these accounts train is Prayer. These accounts are a fairly common type of skiller due to the accessibility of bones/ashes. These accounts have a maximum combat level of 15.

99 Constitution pure

These accounts tend to be the rarest to find, they train Constitution with all other combat stats 1. Since these pures cannot gain Constitution experience from combat without earning experience in other combat skills, they rely on irregular methods to earn Constitution experience. These accounts have a maximum combat level of 25.

10 Constitution pure

This variety of skill pure, also known as a 10 hp pure, trains all combat skills except Constitution. Since slaying monsters yields Constitution experience, they must use irregular methods to train skills that are typically considered impractical or impossible to train outside of combat. The maximum combat level possible for these pures is 116.

9 Constitution pure

This variety of skill pure, also known as a 9 hp pure, trains all combat skills except Constitution. Since slaying monsters yields Constitution experience, they must use irregular methods to train skills that are typically considered impractical or impossible to train outside of combat. 9 hp pures are extremely rare, therefor these account builds are hard to come by.

Citadel pure

A Citadel pure is a type of skill pure, a player account created solely for the purpose of skilling in a Clan Citadel. As such, the only skills trained on a Citadel pure account are the skills involved in Citadel resourcing: Woodcutting, Mining, Firemaking, Smithing, Cooking, Crafting and Summoning.

These accounts are often created by higher-ranking members of clans to assist in the process of gaining needed resources each week. Only a certain amount of resources may be collected by a single account per week, so the creator uses this account to collect more resources than would normally be allowed.

Training Slayer, Dungeoneering, and combat skills

This section lists methods for training skills that are not straightforward to train without combat. Slayer and Dungeoneering require special consideration since they cannot be trained solo by traditional means, while combat skills (for skillers that train them) are naturally impractical, but not impossible, to train without actually participating in combat.

The following methods are universal and may be used to train any of these skills:

In addition, completing the Combat Academy in Lumbridge offers one-time rewards that can be redeemed for any of these skills except Dungeoneering.



  • Anima Islands D&D This is used by Ironman skillers to reach 50 Dungeoneering.
  • Sinkholes D&D
  • Shifting Tombs (requires 50+ Dungeoneering)
  • Leeching floors in Daemonheim
    • Make sure to turn off experience sharing in the party interface.
    • Bind a tangle gum shortbow or longbow with no ammo bound, equip it, and choose the 'Hidden' option under NPC Attack Option settings in Combat Settings. Turn auto-retaliate off. This will make sure you don't accidentally misclick and attack any monsters in the floor.
    • Be cautious as certain skill doors and certain puzzles can reward combat experience. If you're not familiar with a skill door or puzzle, don't interact with it just to be safe unless told otherwise.
    • While leeching, the most common puzzles you'll likely be asked to assist with are Emotes or Levers since they can sometimes require everyone in the party to participate depending on the Floor difficulty. These two puzzles are safe for skill pures to participate in and knowing how to do them correctly will help you and your party a lot.
    • After reaching Level 60 Dungeoneering and getting at least 50,000 Dungeoneering tokens, try to get the scroll of quick teleportation as soon as possible. This item allows you to teleport with the Dungeon Home Teleport much faster as long as you're not in combat, which is very useful for low combat level leeching.
    • To save yourself and your party some time, try your best to pay attention to the chat taking place so you can know if you're needed for a puzzle or needed for the floor ending after the boss has been killed. If you need a break or have to go, try to let your party members know in advance if possible.
  • Experience voyages from the Exile (requires 90+ Dungeoneering)
  • Lamps from the Waiko Reward Shop

Dungeoneering tokens cannot be obtained from Shifting Tombs.


  • Soul Wars
  • Pest Control (requires 35+ combat and 25+ Attack)
  • Warriors Guild (requires 130 combined in Strength and attack or 99 in one of the two)


  • Barbarian fishing
  • Soul Wars
  • Pest Control (requires 35+ combat and 25+ Strength)
  • Pyramid Plunder (open sarcophagi)
  • Warriors Guild (requires 130 combined in Strength and attack or 99 in one of the two)


  • Soul Wars
  • Pest Control (requires 35+ combat and 25+ Defence)
  • Warriors Guild (requires 130 combined in Strength and attack or 99 in one of the two)




  • Soul Wars
  • Pest Control (requires 35+ combat and 25+ Constitution)

Level 99 Constitution pures cannot play Pest Control due to the combat level requirement.


Summoning experience may be earned from the following:

  • Using charms to create pouches
  • Soul Wars

The following methods allow skillers to obtain charms:

Summoning pures cannot obtain charms from Soul Wars due to the combat level requirement.


The following quests are possible to complete while remaining level 3 combat. Additional quests may be possible for skillers that train one or more combat skills. For quests that involve defeating enemies in combat, food and rings of recoil are usually necessary. A blood amulet of fury or deathtouch bracelet may also be used. Generally, as long as no direct damage is dealt by the skiller, they will receive no experience for recoiling the enemy to death. However, recoiling an enemy to death does not always correctly advance the quest. In these cases, deathtouched darts are the only option for level 3s. Skillers that train Defence can also try using Reflect.

Maximum quest points: 143 (or 54 if free-to-play)

Name Members Notes
Broken Home F2P icon.png N/A
Cook's Assistant F2P icon.png N/A
Demon Slayer F2P icon.png
  • The skeletons can be recoiled, no need to splash 0 damage.
  • The cultists can be recoiled, but if Gideon Bede does damage to them, they will give the player experience upon death. Let them attack you from afar and recoil them down, as if you get too close, Gideon (who follows you) will engage them.
  • The boss gives no experience whatsoever. You must damage and kill him with Silverlight.
Dragon Slayer F2P icon.png
Druidic Ritual F2P icon.png N/A
Ernest the Chicken F2P icon.png N/A
Goblin Diplomacy F2P icon.png N/A
Gower Quest F2P icon.png
  • The boss scales to your combat level and gives no combat experience.
Gertrude's Cat F2P icon.png N/A
Gunnar's Ground F2P icon.png N/A
Imp Catcher F2P icon.png N/A
The Knight's Sword F2P icon.png N/A
Let Them Eat Pie F2P icon.png N/A
Missing, Presumed Death F2P icon.png
Myths of the White Lands F2P icon.png N/A
One Piercing Note F2P icon.png N/A
Perils of Ice Mountain F2P icon.png N/A
Pirate's Treasure F2P icon.png
  • The angry gardener does not need to be defeated. You can flee from the battle and return after he despawns, then dig up the treasure.
Priest in Peril F2P icon.png
  • The combat experience for both quest enemies is scaled to the damage dealt. The Cerberus and monk can be recoiled down very low (ideally 1 health), and then killed with a weapon; this will yield a tiny amount of experience (less than 1, shown as 0).
The Restless Ghost F2P icon.png N/A
Rune Mysteries F2P icon.png N/A
A Shadow over Ashdale F2P icon.png
  • Three crassian scouts must be recoiled. Bringing the tentacles to low health causes them to retreat, rewarding no combat experience.
  • The boss scales to your combat level and gives no combat experience.
Shield of Arrav F2P icon.png N/A
Song from the Depths F2P icon.png N/A
Stolen Hearts F2P icon.png
  • Defeating the enemies in this quest does not award combat experience.
Swept Away F2P icon.png N/A
Vampyre Slayer F2P icon.png
  • Killing Count Draynor gives no combat experience.
  • Bring damage reflecting gear, a good weapon, and a decent amount of food for the fight.
What's Mine is Yours F2P icon.png
Wolf Whistle F2P icon.png N/A
All Fired Up P2P icon.png N/A
Back to the Freezer P2P icon.png
  • You will need a friend to tag and weaken the killerwatts, then you can finish them off. If your friend does not tag them first, you will gain combat experience.
Biohazard P2P icon.png
The Blood Pact P2P icon.png
  • While a free-to-play quest, you can only complete this as a skill pure as a member.
  • The cultists are immune to items that reflect damage, so a blood amulet of fury or ring of recoil are ineffective.
  • Wield a chargebow or similar weapon and poison the cultists using weapon poison++. Retreat from combat and allow their health to reset. They will continue taking damage from the poison. Afterward, tag them (deal zero damage) and allow the poison to kill them.
Buyers and Cellars P2P icon.png N/A
Call of the Ancestors P2P icon.png N/A
Clock Tower P2P icon.png N/A
Cold War P2P icon.png N/A
Contact! P2P icon.png
  • Killing the Giant Scarab doesn't give exp as it disappears, however killing its locust helpers does give exp, so avoid those.
Creature of Fenkenstrain P2P icon.png
Deadliest Catch P2P icon.png N/A
Death to the Dorgeshuun P2P icon.png
  • Requires a ring of recoil, and/or blood fury.
  • Teleport out of the Lumbridge Watermill Cellar as soon as Zanik first talks with Sigmund and shoots a guard, return back to the cellar, trap Zanik at the South wall, then lure and recoil the guards and Sigmund (hit a 0 on him to get him to attack you).
  • Don't get too far away from Zanik or she'll teleport to you.
Devious Minds P2P icon.png N/A
Diamond in the Rough P2P icon.png
  • Defeating the enemies in this quest does not award combat experience.
The Dig Site P2P icon.png N/A
Dimension of Disaster: Coin of the Realm P2P icon.png N/A
Dwarf Cannon P2P icon.png N/A
Eadgar's Ruse P2P icon.png N/A
Eagles' Peak P2P icon.png N/A
Elemental Workshop I P2P icon.png
Enlightened Journey P2P icon.png N/A
The Feud P2P icon.png
  • The two quest bosses have too much health to kill with recoils as they despawn if you take too long.
  • Using a blood amulet of fury should suffice.
Fishing Contest P2P icon.png N/A
The Fremennik Trials P2P icon.png
  • Players must fight Koschei the Deathless as part of Thorvald the Warrior's challenge. Upon defeat, Koschei the Deathless does not give combat experience. While the quest monster has four progressively stronger forms, only the first three iterations must be defeated to continue the quest; as such, skillers may choose to die to the fourth form.
Garden of Tranquillity P2P icon.png N/A
The Golem P2P icon.png N/A
The Grand Tree P2P icon.png
The Hand in the Sand P2P icon.png N/A
Haunted Mine P2P icon.png
  • The boss can be recoiled. Try to stand away from the haunted machinery. The boss can hit of 700+ damage, so stay topped up with Saradomin brews.
Hazeel Cult P2P icon.png N/A
Heroes' Quest P2P icon.png N/A
Hunt for Red Raktuber P2P icon.png N/A
Impressing the Locals P2P icon.png N/A
In Pyre Need P2P icon.png N/A
Icthlarin's Little Helper P2P icon.png
  • During the quest, you will need to kill one of four randomly selected jar guardians: Apmeken, Scabaras, Het, or Crondis. Respectively, these bosses have 2,000, 2,100, 8,000, and 12,000 lifepoints. Crondis particularly will be difficult to kill with mere recoil damage.
The Jack of Spades P2P icon.png N/A
Jungle Potion P2P icon.png N/A
Kindred Spirits P2P icon.png N/A
Lost City P2P icon.png N/A
The Lost Tribe P2P icon.png N/A
Merlin's Crystal P2P icon.png N/A
Monk's Friend P2P icon.png N/A
Murder Mystery P2P icon.png N/A
My Arm's Big Adventure P2P icon.png N/A
Observatory Quest P2P icon.png N/A
Plague City P2P icon.png N/A
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Mountain dwarf P2P icon.png N/A
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing the Goblin generals P2P icon.png N/A
Recipe for Disaster: Freeing Pirate Pete P2P icon.png N/A
Recruitment Drive P2P icon.png
  • Must be a male character, simply die to Sir Leye for a chance of getting a different puzzle.
Royal Trouble P2P icon.png
Sea Slug P2P icon.png N/A
Sheep Herder P2P icon.png N/A
Shilo Village P2P icon.png
The Slug Menace P2P icon.png
  • You need to melee kill the Slug Prince, it gives no exp.
Some Like It Cold P2P icon.png N/A
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio P2P icon.png
  • Monkeys can be recoiled.
  • Aggressive snakes swarm around Tamayu. It may be helpful to have a friend kill them so that they don't interrupt his dialogue.
  • Make sure not to claim the additional combat experience reward from Tamayu after the quest.
A Tail of Two Cats P2P icon.png N/A
Tears of Guthix P2P icon.png N/A
Throne of Miscellania P2P icon.png N/A
The Tourist Trap P2P icon.png
Tower of Life P2P icon.png N/A
Tribal Totem P2P icon.png N/A
Troll Stronghold P2P icon.png N/A
Wanted! P2P icon.png
What Lies Below P2P icon.png
  • Tag (hit 0) the Outlaws, and have a friend kill them.
  • King Roald needs to be attacked with a weapon, he won't give exp because he doesn't actually die.
You Are It P2P icon.png N/A
Quests that can only be completed with a deathtouched dart
Name Members Darts required
Death Plateau P2P icon.png 1
Dishonour among Thieves P2P icon.png 6
One Small Favour P2P icon.png 4
Smoking Kills P2P icon.png 4
The World Wakes P2P icon.png 1
Quests that can only be completed followed by using the Nastroth's level reset
Name Members Reset used Reset requirement
Shadow of the Storm P2P icon.png Choose to use the quest experience reward on constitution
Then ask Nastroth to reset your constitution level to 10
Attack, Strength and Defence 5 or lower

Be warned, either of the resets Nastroths offers can only be used once, please read about them here before considering them.

The skills required to complete the above quests are the following:

Total level: 697
Attack 1 Constitution 10 Mining 50
Strength 1 Agility 32 Smithing 20
Defence 1 Herblore 31 Fishing 70
Ranged 1 Thieving 70 Cooking 53
Prayer 1 Crafting 56 Firemaking 55
Magic 1 Fletching 53 Woodcutting 40
Runecrafting 1 Slayer 1 Farming 30
Construction 50 Hunter 67 Summoning 1
Dungeoneering 1 Divination ---- Invention ----
Attack style icon fixed.png 3 Quest.png ---- Music icon fixed.png ----
Task icon fixed.png ---- RuneScore.png -----


Skillers can complete a number of miniquests. Rather than provide an exhaustive list of all miniquests available to skillers, the following list contains only miniquests that require special consideration.

  • The Lair of Tarn Razorlor
    • The fight is currently bugged. Tarn's 1st form does not yield experience. His 2nd form requires a deathtouched dart for the kill to count.
  • Mogre

Tales of the Arc

Skillers can complete all 10 Tales of the Arc miniquests. Those that involve combat are listed below.

  • Head of the Family
    • The miniquest enemies yield no experience, so they can be killed with a weapon.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
    • Bring a friend to help you kill the acolytes. Tag them and have your friend kill them. You will receive the drops.
  • Jed Hunter
  • Eye for an Eye
    • The zyclopes yield no experience. Bring a weapon (preferably ranged), a blood amulet of fury, 2-3 recoils, and an inventory of Saradomin brews. Tag the zyclopes to pull them off the houses, and switch targets often to ensure each wave of zyclopes dies at roughly the same time. Undead Jed can be killed with a weapon.
  • Final Destination
    • The miniquest enemies yield no combat experience. Wield a chargebow or comparable weapon to defeat the zyclops cannoneers before they sink your ship. The final boss can deal heavy damage, so brews are recommended.


There are certain activities that skillers can do. The ones listed are those that are possible to do at combat level 3. Precautions may need to be taken in some activities to avoid gaining combat experience.


  1. ^ The best role for a skiller is the Collector role. He or she can stand near the cannons, and only pick up eggs when there are no monsters around. It is recommended to wait for all the penance rangers to be dead. Alternatively, if a skiller chooses the same role as someone else and stays behind the Horn of Glory, he or she will receive as many Honour points as the other person of the same role. Jugs of wine are recommended to take, as they are allowed inside of Barbarian Assault.
  2. ^ Level 3 skillers can light at least 10 of the 14 beacons.
  3. ^ Having the opponent forfeit will give a skiller kills on his or her Duellist's cap without giving any combat experience.
  4. ^ Only when losing each round, as winning would involve killing the other player, which gives combat experience. It is also possible to let the opponent forfeit to get more tokens per round.
  5. ^ Opening the sarcophagus gives Strength experience.
  6. ^ For a skiller to receive co-op points, he or she must kill at least 1 monster in the Slayer task. To do this, he or she must hit a 0 on it and use rings of recoil to kill it. No real damage has to be dealt. Drinking a dose of Saradomin brew is recommended to do this. Only Turael can assign a skiller slayer tasks, as all other slayer masters require a higher combat level.
  7. ^ To avoid getting kicked by a low activity bar, a player can use bandages on their teammates, or bury bones in the graveyard as it gives no Prayer experience. Since Zeal can be redeemed for Slayer experience, this is a good way to train Slayer as a skiller.
  8. ^ Stealing creation might also involve combat, but there are specific non-combat clans that make it possible to play Stealing Creation safely as a skill pure.


Skillers are extremely limited when it comes to completing tasks/achievements. The following sets of tasks can be completed at combat level 3:


  • Certain quests are impossible to complete while remaining a skiller as they carry combat skill rewards or involve killing a monster. This means that skillers often aren't able to take advantage of the best skilling methods available.
  • Skillers with 85+ Mining are not able to effectively mine runite ore, making the skill less useful. However, since the release of the Mining Guild resource dungeon, those who have a sufficient Dungeoneering level can access new and safe runite rocks.
  • Slayer is very difficult to level efficiently for a skiller. Although Slayer tasks can be completed using rings of recoil and retribution/wrath, methods such as using experience lamps and the rewards from Penguin Hide and Seek and Soul Wars can be used to get experience without actually completing any Slayer tasks.


  • There are a few skillers that have level 9 Constitution. This was done by making an account in RuneScape Classic and transferring it to RuneScape 2. Since you only received 1000 Constitution experience in RuneScape Classic, when you switched to RuneScape 2, you would have level 9 Constitution.
  • There have also been skillers with level 1 Constitution. This was done by botting in the early stages of RuneScape Classic. If caught by Jagex, they would reset your Constitution experience to 0. Some of these accounts have since been locked by Jagex.
  • There have been skillers who have legitimately obtained the Fire Cape after defeating TzTok-Jad and single-handedly fighting off 62 waves of TzHaar creatures in the TzHaar Fight Cave. By utilizing prayers, poison, recoil methods, thousands of purple sweets, and 3 deathtouched darts, the Fight Cave can be completed. However, the battle is near-impossible without high levels in Prayer and Constitution. The skillers who have accomplished this feat consequently use Nastroth's to obtain a reset in their Prayer and Constitution levels, leaving them at level 3.
    • Other skillers have illegitimately obtained the Fire Cape via certain glitches that allowed other players to enter the fight caves with them. This is a direct breach of the Rules of Runescape, and many of these accounts have been banned. The glitch that allowed this to happen has since been patched.
  • Some skillers have obtained boss pets, such as variations of the Araxyte pet. This was done by using a deathtouched dart on the boss and obtaining the improbable rare drop. Nonetheless, it has been achieved a handful of times.
  • Skillers have also been able to obtain the Ghostly pet by training prayer and consequently utilizing Nastroth's Prayer and Constitution reset. Players who reset these stats will not have the pet removed.
  • Several skillers have obtained the Golden mining suit, Lumberjack clothing, and the Constructor's outfit, despite normally being locked behind content that requires high combat levels to access. This was possible by purchasing the sets from Vic the Trader in June 2017 and January 2018.

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