A skill shard is obtained while using common training methods in skills that a player has already reached a maximum level of 99 in. When a player obtains all skill shards that pertain to one of the four expert capes, the shards can be combined into an expert cape. Skill shards are obtained while training a skill you already have level 99 in. The likelihood of getting a shard is influenced by the number of actions, rather than the experience gained from the actions. They are used to make expert skillcapes. These shards can be stored in the Expert skillcape shard bag, which can be stored in your player owned house, toy box (page 6).

Shard Skill Cape
Carved shard Carved CraftingArtisan's cape Artisan's cape
Designed shard Designed Construction
Fiery shard Fiery Firemaking
Fletched shard Fletched Fletching
Herbal shard Herbal Herblore
Molten shard Molten Smithing
Roasted shard Roasted Cooking
Runic shard Runic Runecrafting
Aerodynamic shard Aerodynamic RangedCombatant's cape Combatant's cape
Holy shard Holy Prayer
Imbued shard Imbued Magic
Rigid shard Rigid Defence
Sharp shard Sharp Attack
Strong shard Strong Strength
Summoned shard Summoned Summoning
Vital shard Vital Constitution
Balanced shard Balanced DivinationGatherer's cape Gatherer's cape
Cultivated shard Cultivated Farming
Damp shard Damp Fishing
Mineral shard Mineral Mining
Trapped shard Trapped Hunter
Wooden shard Wooden Woodcutting
Agile shard Agile AgilitySupport cape Support cape
Daemonheim shard Daemonheim Dungeoneering
Deadly shard Deadly Slayer
Hidden shard Hidden Thieving
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