Skilling Pets is a subcategory of Skills achievements that was released on 18 April 2017.

Achievements in this subcategory

There are 32 achievements in this subcategory.

# Name Members Description RuneScore
Agility - Dojo Mojo Yes Unlock the Agility pet. 0
Attack - Sifu No Unlock the Attack pet. 0
Constitution - Morty No Unlock the Constitution pet. 0
Construction - Baba Yaga's House Yes Unlock the Construction pet. 0
Cooking - Ramsay No Unlock the Cooking pet. 0
Crafting - Gemi No Unlock the Crafting pet. 0
Defence - Wallace No Unlock the Defence pet. 0
Divination - Willow Yes Unlock the Divination pet. 0
Dungeoneering - Gordie No Unlock the Dungeoneering pet. 0
Farming - Brains Yes Unlock the Farming pet. 0
Firemaking - Bernie No Unlock the Firemaking pet. 0
Fishing - Bubbles No Unlock the Fishing pet. 0
Fletching - Flo No Unlock the Fletching pet. 0
Herblore - Herbert Yes Unlock the Herblore pet. 0
Hunter - Ace Yes Unlock the Hunter pet. 0
Invention - Malcolm Yes Unlock the Invention pet. 0
Jack of All Blades Yes Collect all combat skilling pets. (X/9) 0
Jack of All Trades Yes Collect all non-combat skilling pets. (X/18) 0
Jack of Blades Yes Collect 3 combat skilling pets. (X/3) 0
Jack of Trades Yes Collect 5 non-combat skilling pets. (X/5) 0
Magic - Newton No Unlock the Magic pet. 0
Master of All Yes Collect all skilling pets. (X/27) 0
Mining - Rocky No Unlock the Mining pet. 0
Prayer - Ghostly No Unlock the Prayer pet. 0
Ranged - Sparky No Unlock the Ranged pet. 0
Runecrafting - Rue No Unlock the Runecrafting pet. 0
Slayer - Crabbe Yes Unlock the Slayer pet. 0
Smithing - Smithy No Unlock the Smithing pet. 0
Strength - Kangali No Unlock the Strength pet. 0
Summoning - Shamini Yes Unlock the Summoning pet. 0
Thieving - Ralph Yes Unlock the Thieving pet. 0
Woodcutting - Woody No Unlock the Woodcutting pet. 0
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