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Skippy is found behind Hetty's house in Rimmington. He is drunk and you need to sober him up, before he will tell you about the Mogres. If you try to slay Mogres before doing the miniquest, you will not be able to. Before you do that, he throws bottles at the sea and yells threats to apparently no one.

To sober Skippy up, you first need to use a bucket of water on him, then he will mention wanting some nettle tea. To make this, use some nettles with a Bowl of water, then heat it on a range to make Nettle tea. He will also need a Hangover cure (made by mixing chocolate dust with a bucket of milk to get chocolatey milk, then mixing it with snape grass) before he can explain about the Mogres.



  • Skippy often says "The Horror...The Horror..." which is a reference to the line in Joseph Conrad's book Heart of Darkness and the film based on it Apocalypse Now.
  • Skippy also frequently says "Mudskippers. Thousands of them!" This is most likely a spoof of the famous misquotation often attributed to Michael Caine's character from the film Zulu.
  • If you take the Forlorn boot from Mudskipper Point and use it on Skippy, he will say: "Thanks, now I have two right boots!"
  • Sometimes Skippy will say "They're coming out of the walls!" which is most likely a reference to Aliens.
  • When Old School RuneScape was released, Skippy was placed at several spots on Tutorial Island. He allowed players to skip the tutorial and teleport directly to Lumbridge.
  • It is impossible to fight Skippy, despite him being shown with a combat level of 48. After EoC his combat level was 100, before returning to 48 after the combat level formula was changed again.
  • During the May 2016 Event, Meg's cases, if a player did not do the Mogres Miniquest prior to starting The Eastern Mystery - Part 1, then the player will not be able to begin the miniquest until after the ninth part of The Eastern Mystery cases before being able to do it, due to Skippy being missing during the run of the quest.
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