Skull in a Chest Inn
Skull in a chest inn.png
Release date 4 September 2006 (Update)
Location North-eastern Meiyerditch
Members Yes
Sells None
NPCs Meiyerditch citizens may enter at times.
Monsters Vyrewatch
Related quests Darkness of Hallowvale
Other info Bar has been abandoned.
Skull in a Chest Inn location.png
Skull in a Chest.png

The Skull in a Chest Inn is a ruined and abandoned bar found in north-eastern Meiyerditch.

It could have been possible that the bar was a frequented business during the time of Hallowvale, and that the people of Hallowvale visited it many times before the vampyre conquest of Morytania. When Lord Drakan conquered Hallowvale he changed the entire city into a bloodfarming ghetto and named it Meiyerditch. The inn is currently closed down alongside other businesses such as Trakerel's Fish Shop. The bar is left abandoned and ruined just like the rest of the entire city.

The inn is no longer operational and is only mentioned in a Message written by Mauritys Guile which is obtained during the Darkness of Hallowvale quest, where the writer uses it as a landmark to help the player finding the secret lab east of the bar. There are only a few beds, a broken counter, and some barrels inside the building. The bar does not have a Pub map icon.png sign on the minimap. The inn can be recognised by the hanging sign with a skeleton and a chest on it (see picture).

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