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Skybox Screenshot Competition can no longer be entered.
This competition occurred in the past. This article or section has been retained for historical purposes.
Skybox Screenshot Competition
Shattered Worlds skybox
Start date 10 May 2017
End date 22 May 2017
Prize NVIDIA GeForce GTX1080 graphics card, bonds
Description Submit your best photos using the in-game skyboxes
Organisers Mod Shauny

The Skybox Screenshot Competition was a competition ran by Mod Shauny. It started on 10 May 2017, and entries were closed on 22 May 2017.


Players that wished to enter had to take an in-game screenshot using the skyboxes that players could turn on by right-clicking the world map icon on their minimap.

Entries were submitted on the forum thread and using the hashtag #SkyboxComp on Twitter.[1]


The winners of the competition were announced on 5 June 2017:


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