Skyboxes are background added to the world to improve the ambience of an area. Many areas have a specific skybox. Filters are rendering techniques which changes how colours appear.

Skyboxes and filters can be combined, creating strange or interesting views of common places. This is commonly combined with the orb of oculus/freecam mode to take interesting screenshots.

World map options

The update of 15 May 2017 allowed a number of skyboxes and filters to be used by the player at will via the orb of oculus or by right-clicking the world map globe near the minimap. After the update, a competition was held which encouraged players to submit their best photos using the skyboxes.


Orb of oculus

Can be accessed from the orb of oculus or by right-clicking the world map globe.

Skybox Image Description
Dusk Dusk skybox A purple dusk found on Uncharted Isles
Dawn Dawn skybox A bright yellow dawn found on Uncharted Isles
Midday Midday skybox A bright day with clouds found in Taverley
Throne Throne skybox Swirling purple clouds with little light, also encountered in The Empty Throne Room during Children of Mah
Bonfire Bonfire skybox The nighttime skybox from player-owned houses, with extra orange lighting. Initially from the Lumbridge Crater during Celebration of Fire.
Eclipse Eclipse before Sliske's Endgame A black sky with red clouds with a slight orange tint with a eclipse in the backround. Exclusive to Sliske's Endgame and the skybox filter
Goshima Goshima A dreary day with little light. Also found on Goshima.
Shattered Worlds Shattered Worlds skybox A space skybox with floating rocks also found during Shattered Worlds.


Several skyboxes can be activated by the use of specific items.

Item Image Description
Daystone Daystone effect The normal daytime skybox
Nightstone Nightstone effect The nighttime skybox from player-owned houses
Bloodstone Bloodstone skybox The Vampyrium skybox from The Lord of Vampyrium with the River of Blood hallucination filter


Skybox Image Description
Daytime Daytime skybox Standard skybox used in several areas
Player-owned house day POH day Standard daytime skybox
Player-owned house dusk POH dusk Standard dusk skybox
Player-owned house night POH night Standard nighttime skybox


Orb of oculus

Filter Image Description
River of Blood Hallucinations River of Blood Hallucinations filter Most colours muted, red hues enhanced. Used in River of Blood.
Blue Shadows Blue Shadows filter A blue hue applied to most grey/blue/dark colours.
Magic Toad Magic Toad filter Colours mostly inverted, favouring bright blues and oranges
Aminishi Spirit Realm Aminishi Spirit Realm filter Most colours desaturated
Goshima Goshima filter Darkened and slightly desaturated, like a dreary day
Zemouregal's Scrying Pool Zemouregal's Scrying Pool filter Purple applied to everything
Warm Warm filter Orange hues added, blues dimmed
Cool Cool filter Blues enhanced, but not as much as Blue Shadows
Sepia Sepia filter Brown added to everything, like older parchments and photography
Cel Shade Cell Shade filter Colour saturation significantly increased, making everything much brighter and bleeding into each other. (Not quite true cel shading.)
Cross-Process Cross-Process filter Slight mix colours with adjacent colours, mostly resulting in slightly warmer colours
High Contrast High Contrast filter Increases the saturation of all colours slightly
Colour Invert Colour Invert filter All colours inverted
Greyscale Greyscale filter All colours changed to shades of grey

Location specific skyboxes

Area Image
Heart of Gielinor Heart of Gielinor skybox
Mazcab Mazacab skybox
Naragun Naragun skybox
New Varrock New Varrock skybox
Tarddiad Tarddiad skybox
Troll Warzone Troll Warzone skybox
Underworld Underworld skybox
Yu'biusk Yu'biusk skybox
Death's office Death Office Skybox
Freneskae (Fate of the Gods) Freneskae (fotg) skybox
Freneskae (Children of Mah) Freneskae (com) skybox

Freneskae (com) skybox 2

Tuska Tuska skybox
Low level Runespan Low level RuneSpan skybox
Mid level Runespan Mid level RuneSpan skybox
High level Runespan High level RuneSpan skybox
Telos, the Warden boss fight Telos boss fight skybox
Clan Citadels Clan Citadel skybox1

Clan Citadel skybox2
Clan Citadel skybox3

World Gate location on Gielinor World Gate location skybox
Kharidian Desert Desert Skybox
Paterdomus Paterdomus skybox
Morytania Morytania skybox
Daemonheim Daemonheim skybox
Wilderness Wilderness skybox
Battlefield Khazard battlefield skybox
Poison Waste Poison Waste skybox


  • The magic toad filter was initially planned to be activated when nibbling sliced mushrooms in the Arc, but was scrapped before release.
  • The in-universe reason for being able to change skyboxes/filters at will was given by Mod Shauny as "the player imagines the world around them changed".
  • The first skyboxes to ever be introduced in-game were the Clan Citadels ones on 26 July 2011.
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