Abbreviation Meaning
Vamp Vampyrism
Varr Varrock
Veng Vengeance, Vengeance Other, or Vengeance Group
-vention Added to the end of a skill or action to refer to training it via Invention (e.g. "fishvention" refers to training Fishing and Invention at same time, most commonly by using a Fishing rod-o-matic)
Vig, Vigour Ring of vigour switch
Vin/Vind/Vindi/Vinny Vindicta
Virt Virtus equipment
Vis Vis wax or the Rune Goldberg Machine D&D
Vit Vitalis mechanic at Vorago, or the Vitalis pet.
Voke Provoke ability
Voker Kalphite King role involving use of the Provoke ability to keep aggression off the tank.
Volcano Wilderness Volcano
VoS Voice of Seren
V Sq Varrock Square
Vuln Vulnerability debuff
Vwand, Vbook Virtus wand, Virtus book
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