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Slayer helms are obtained by upgrading their respective Slayer masks, won on Treasure Hunter.

The Helm is obtained after killing a number monsters while wearing the relevant mask. The helm has similar benefits to the mask, but does not provide bonus XP, extra damage, or double drops.

It does allow a slayer to force the choice of slayer task to this monster (daily or every 3 days depending on monster). It does provide free teleports to that monster (most provide 2 teleports daily).

The mask's kill count carries over to the helm and continues to be tracked, up to 999,999 kills.

A right-click option announces total kills of that creature. The announcement of total kills is not seen in the chat bar but is seen above your character by those around you.

After the helm version has been unlocked, the player is free to switch between it and the mask version, as a cosmetic preference only – this does not restore the Slayer experience and double drop effects to the mask.

Spirit of Battle is the only way to reset a helm back to a mask and re-enable the mask's benefits.

After the helm version has been unlocked, the player also unlocks an emote in which they can transform into its monster for few seconds.

Mask Monster Recharge
Helm of Warping Helm of Warping Abyssal demons 1
Helm of the Dead Hand Helm of the Dead Hand Crawling hands 1
Helm of Blood Helm of Blood Bloodvelds 1
Helm of Devilry Helm of Devilry Dust devils 1
Jellyhead Jellyhead Jellies 1
Helm of Grotesquery Helm of Grotesquery Gargoyles 1
Helm of Darkness Helm of Darkness Dark beasts 1
Helm of the Kuraski Helm of the Kuraski Kurasks 1
Helm of Keening Helm of Keening Banshees 1
Helm of Little Kings Helm of Little Kings Basilisks 1
Helm of Foulness Helm of Foulness Aberrant spectres 1
Helm of Petrification Helm of Petrification Cockatrices 1
Helm of the Troll Helm of the Troll Trolls 1
Helm of Mutation Helm of Mutation Mutated jadinkos 1
Helm of the Airut Helm of the Airut Airut 3
Helm of the Aquanites Helm of the Aquanites Aquanites 3
Helm of the Automatons Helm of the Automatons Automatons 3
Helm of the Black Demon Helm of the Black Demon Black demons 3
Helm of the Dagannoth Helm of the Dagannoth Dagannoths 3
Helm of the Ganodermic Helm of the Ganodermic Ganodermic 3
Helm of the Verdant Wyrm Helm of the Verdant Wyrm Jungle strykewyrms 3[1]
Helm of the Frozen Wyrm Helm of the Frozen Wyrm Ice strykewyrms 3[1]
Helm of the Parched Wyrm Helm of the Parched Wyrm Desert strykewyrms 3[1]
  1. ^ a b c This cooldown is shared with the other wyrms.
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