This article is about high-levelled Slayer training. For the general Slayer guide, see Slayer training.

This is a guide on how to train Slayer in the most efficient manner possible purely in terms of maximising Slayer experience per hour. It is aimed towards players with high levels in the various combat and combat-related stats, including Summoning, Prayer, Herblore and Invention, which provide access to various methods of augmenting the rate at which Slayer is trained. Due to the intended audience of this guide, not everything will be explained in detail, as the reader is expected to know the basics of RuneScape and the Slayer skill itself. This guide assumes you will be using Morvran exclusively as your Slayer master. This is a guide and while the user is encouraged to follow it as closely as possible for maximum efficiency, players are free to choose which parts to follow and which to ignore subject to their own opinions, stats, gear, cash, potential to make cash, and personal task preference.

Since this guide is focused on maximum Slayer experience per hour, tasks that award decent quantities of gold may be overlooked. The player is encouraged to research each and every Slayer monster page for strategies and potential wealth gains, as these topics will not be included in this guide.

Quest unlocks

Note: Having a high amount of Quest points is generally recommended because it will increase the amount of tasks you can prefer/block.

Quest name Reason Slayer Assignment Importance
Smoking Kills Unlocks Sumona and the ability to construct slayer helms. Utmost
Plague's End Unlocks Morvran and the rest of Prifddinas. Utmost
Icthlarin's Little Helper Allows access to Sophanem Slayer Dungeon. Corrupted creatures, Soul devourers Very High
Hard Karamja Tasks Allows access to Gemstone cavern. Gemstone dragons Very High
Ritual of the Mahjarrat Unlocks bane ammunition.

Allows access to Glacor Cave. Partial requirement for Rune dragon access.

Glacors, Rune dragons (with Fate of the Gods completed) Very High
Start Fairy Tale II Gives player access to fairy rings. High
The Jack of Spades Provides players with 99 slayer the Slayer Codex and personal dungeon. High
Fate of the Gods Allows access to first wing of Freneskae. Partial requirement for Rune dragon access. Muspah, Nihil, Rune dragons (with Ritual of the Mahjarrat completed) High
The Elder Kiln Gives player TokKul-Zo, which can teleport player close to a bank and a fairy ring. Medium
Children of Mah Allows access to the rest of Freneskae. Nightmares Medium
The World Wakes Full completion provides a ring capable of teleporting to the World Gate.

Allows access to Guthix's Cave.

Automatons Medium
One of a Kind Allows access to Dragontooth Island resource dungeon. Celestial dragons Medium
The Brink of Extinction Allows access to Fight Cauldron minigame. TzHaar Low
Birthright of the Dwarves Chaos Giants now spawn at the end of Barendir caves. Chaos giants Low
The Light Within Allows access to Tarddiad. Crystal Shapeshifters Low
While Guthix Sleeps Allows access to Ancient Guthix Temple. Tormented Demons Low

Slayer Codex and Player Owned Dungeon

With the release of Menaphos, players with at least level 99 Slayer can fill their Slayer Codex. It is advised to invest slayer points and time to collect at least 100 different monster souls. For every 20 souls collected, slayer helmets grant a +1% gain (up to 5% at 100 souls) to Slayer experience, effectively being an experience boosting item.

In addition to the Slayer Codex, players with at least 99 Slayer have access to a personal slayer dungeon. The following slayer assignments are recommended to fill the three rooms available, or a player can access another player's dungeon if they have a needed room setup.

Assignment Reason
Kal'gerion demons When fought in a player owned dungeon, Kal'gerion Demons do not use their special attacks.
Corrupted kalphites If a player chooses to kill corrupted kalphites for their kalphite task, the Sophanem dungeon contains 3 corrupted kalphite guardians (melee) and 3 corrupted kalphite mauruders (mage). Suggested to contain 5 guardians (melee), allowing for easier AOE and faster kills/hour.
Muspah Fewer creatures in a smaller room, making them easier to AOE.
Mutated jadinkos Less damage taken while using aggression potions.
Ripper demons A POD containing only one ripper demon removes the 30% aggression mechanic, meaning that no other demons will become aggressive towards the player when health drops below 30%.
Crystal Shapeshifters Easier grouping and use of AOE abilities.
Shadow creatures Easier time attacking multiple shadows at once and use of AOE. Generally best to put Manifiest Shadow Creatures in your dungeon as they are greater experience/kill than normal shadow creatures.

Reward points

To be able to achieve maximum experience per hour, one must have unlocked the following slayer rewards:

Reward Cost Reason
Ability to make Ring of slaying. 300 Reduces downtime between tasks.
Ability to deliver killing blows quicker. 400 Tasks such as Gargoyles will not be slowed down from need to manually kill each gargoyle when they are at low healh.
Ability to craft Slayer helmets. 400 Slayer helmet is the most important piece of equipment.
Learn how to fuse rings to full slayer helmets. 500 Ferocious rings fused into helmets work at Kuradal's dungeon, allowing person to wear a ring.
Full Slayer Helmet Upgrades. 2100 Increases the effectiveness of Slayer Helmet. 4 upgrades.

Other rewards are either quality of life improvements, task unlocks or general consumables.

Ushabti used to fill the Slayer Codex can be bought from the masters at 20 reward points each.

Cancelling and blocking tasks

Tasks that the player does not wish to ever do can be permanently blocked at the cost of 100 reward points. Up to seven assigned monsters, or group of monsters such as grotworms or mutated jadinkos, can be blocked in this manner, with one block allowed every 50 quest points.

Cancelling the assignment costs 30 points. The monster must be the currently assigned task for it to be blocked. In order to maximize efficiency, players should cancel tasks which are commonly assigned yet offer slow rates of Slayer experience, often due to issues such as the inability to use a cannon and/or a titan, low life points, or other factors, such as long animations or specialized killing methods. Please see the task summary section below to determine which tasks should be considered for the use of a block.

Players are recommended to use the cancel option as often as it can be used while maintaining a stable level of Slayer reward points. This will ensure that the player spends as much time as possible doing tasks which offer fast Slayer experience.

The task summary section of this guide will tell you which tasks to block, what to skip, and the ones to complete if you are running low on Slayer points. For example, a player that is running low on points may do a greater demon task despite the fact that these tasks are usually cancelled. These tasks also give out more ferocious rings if done in Kuradal's Dungeon.

If a toggle able task is on that the player does not wish to do, toggle the task off to avoid wasting slayer points on cancelling.

Tool belt

Players can add many Slayer items to their tool belt, such as a Rock hammer, and some special items (Charming imp, Bonecrusher, Herbicide, Seedicide, Advanced gold accumulator). The latter items require 500 slayer points each to be able to be added to the tool belt.

The Bonecrusher upgrade, bought from Waiko for 25,000 Chimes and 25 Taijitu, picks up bones, rather than crushing them. This can help in tasks where the monster drops valuable bones.

Combat assisting skills

To get maximum possible experience rates it is not only required that player gets as high of combat stats as he possibly can, but other skills also need to be trained to very high levels.


Level 95 Prayer is required to unlock Turmoil, Anguish, Torment. These Ancient Curses greatly increase your damage dealt and reduce damage taken. Soul split, unlocked at level 92, can extend trips significantly. For most tasks it completely removes the need to other consumable items for healing, thus providing more inventory space and making banking for healing supplies unnecessary.

Level 99 Prayer unlocks Malevolence, Desolation and Affliction, stronger variants of the Turmoil-level curses. However, these are extremely expensive, as each praesul codex costs 529691612 coins each.

Players with access to Leech Curses and don't mind spending extra money and inventory space, can make use of Amulet of Zealots, which at a cost of much higher prayer drain makes leech curses outclass turmoil and its counterparts in damage. It only outclasses them in damage, not accuracy. For that reason it should only be used on monsters where player has 100% hit chance.

For some tasks, notably dragons, you can use a Bonecrusher in conjunction with Demon horn necklace. This method negates the need for prayer potions during task. This can also be used with demons; however, for a cost-effective setup, it is better to use prayer potions given the expensive cost of ghostly essence, and the fact that Morvran does not have any ghost-type tasks.


Level 96 Herblore is required to unlock Overloads, the second highest accuracy increasing consumable in the game. The first one being the upgraded version of overload - Supreme overload. Dependent on the creature slayed, these potions will have the effect anywhere in between of slightly increasing kill speed and making a task able to be completed with ease. This is mostly notable in tasks where high accuracy and defense is a necessity.

A cheaper, and on occasions more powerful, alternative to using overloads is Berserk blood essence with Supreme > Extreme > Super potions and the Berserker curse. This when worn in the pocket slot boosts player's current combat style stat by 14% + 2 for 20s when activated, or 4s on a passive proc when getting hit. Stacks with other stat boosts excluding overloads, thus allowing a skill to be temporarily boosted to level 136 at 99 base. This will allow for the player to deal the maximum amount of damage at the cost of defence. However, stat-boosting potions other than overloads decay over time, so the player must drink another dose of the potion every minute to maintain the highest possible stat boost.

Another, possibly the most important, potion is the Super antifire. Unlocked at level 85 it makes a player immune to most sources of dragonfire. In the few instances this potion doesn't provide 100% immunity it greatly reduces the damage received. A variant of this potion - the Wyrmfire potion, also provides protection against Wyvern breath.


There are 2 categories for familiars that would assist in high level slayer tasks - Combat and Beast of Burden.

Use of combat familiars like Nihil at level 87 or Steel titans at level 99 can greatly increase the experience rates received by increasing damage dealt to the target.

Legendary pets are by far the best option for those, who want to make some money off of slayer without hindering their experience rates much. These pets have 2 incredibly useful abilities: Scavenge and Beast of Burden. Scavenge ability picks up items after killing enemies with a 10-15 second cool down. The second ability makes it act as a beast of burden.

Pack yaks are incredibly useful for most slayer tasks due to their ability to bank up to 240 items per hour, and adding 30 spaces to the player's inventory for food and other supplies.


Any variant of Slayer Helmet, the corrupted one being the best, should be used for every task. The bonuses of the helmet plus the ability to store familiar scrolls make it an essential part of any serious Slayer's gear. 

Players should use the best weapons they can for damage, preferably tier 90, although tier 75 is good enough for most tasks, and at least tier 70 power armour from God Wars Dungeon. All of the items should be augmented using the table below.

Stay with the corresponding armour equal to your combat style, unless you are using Hybrid armour! Not doing so can result in accuracy decreases with your weapon which can slow down experience rates.

Cinderbane gloves are extremely useful against monsters that are not immune to poison, as they apply a poisonous effect to all monsters the player is in combat with.


Using good perks on augmented items through Invention will highly increase the damage dealt and thus increase overall Slayer experience per hour.

Recommended perks for slayer:

Perk Type Max Tier Description
Aftershock Weapon 3 After dealing 50,000 damage, create an explosion centered on your current target, dealing up to 40% per rank weapon damage to nearby enemies.
Precise Weapon 5 Increases your minimum damage by 1.5% per rank of your maximum damage.
Equilibrium Weapon 3 Increases minimum hit by 3% per rank, and decreases maximum hit by 1% per rank.
Biting Weapon, Armour 3 +2% chance per rank to critically hit opponents.
Genocidal Weapon, Armour 1 Deal up to 7% extra damage depending on how far you are through your Slayer task.
Crackling Weapon, Armour 3 Periodically zaps your combat target for 50% per rank of your weapon's damage. 1 minute cooldown.
Undead Slayer Weapon, Armour 1 Deal 7% additional damage to undead.
Demon Slayer Weapon, Armour 1 Deal 7% additional damage to demons.
Dragon Slayer Weapon, Armour 1 Deal 7% additional damage to dragons.
Impatient Weapon, Armour 3 9% chance per rank for basic abilities to generate 3 extra adrenaline.
Scavenging Weapon, Armour 3 1% chance per rank to get an uncommon Invention component as a drop from combat (with a 1% chance it will be a rare component instead).
Looting Weapon, Armour 1 Most enemies have a 25% chance to drop an additional high-level resource. 5 minute cooldown.
Mobile Weapon, Armour 1 Reduces cooldown of Surge, Escape, Bladed Dive and Barge by 50%, but these abilities no longer generate adrenaline.
Planted Feet Weapon 1 The duration of Sunshine and Death's Swiftness is increased by 25%, but they no longer deal periodic damage to your target.
Equipment Type Perks Components Notes
Weapon Aftershock 3 5 Ilujankan 
Precise 4 + Equilibrium 2 1 Armadyl + 4 Precise Can use 5 Precise components instead.
Top Biting 2 + Genocidal 3 Direct + 1 Bandos + 1 Undead
Crackling 3 + X (see below) 4 Explosive + X
Bottom Impatient 3 + Devoted 2-3 5 Zamorak Devoted is unnecessary.
Scavenging 2 + Mobile 2 Smooth + 3 Connector
Enhanced Excalibur Planted Feet + Aftershock 1-2 2 Cywir + 3 Ilujankan Use before using Sunshine or Death's Swiftness.
Sunspear Planted Feet + Aftershock 1-2 2 Cywir + 3 Ilujankan Aftershock resets after weapon switch.
Mobile + X 1-2 Dexterous + X Replaceable.

For top with Crackling 3 you have several options for X. If you are low on money, you can choose Imbued to almost guarantee to obtain crackling 3. Otherwise you can use Dragonfire to get Dragon Slayer (recommended for ranged). For other styles you can choose Undead or even Ancient for Undead or Demon Slayer respectively.

Transportation options

The Slayer cape ability or upgraded ferocious rings allow for fast transport to Morvran, and are always the fastest and best options when obtaining a new task. If the player doesn't have access to either of these, they may simply teleport to the Prifddinas lodestone. Players can use the same item to quickly get to Kuradal's Dungeon.

The TokKul-Zo, obtained as a reward for completing The Elder Kiln quest, is great for transport during Slayer. While charged, it has unlimited teleports to the entrance to the Fight Caves, along with several other locations. The Fight Caves teleport location has a bank and is extremely close to a fairy ring.

With 99 Dungeoneering, you have access to the Dungeoneering cape, which has a teleport option to any resource dungeon and can be convenient for reaching some otherwise remote slayer monsters, such as the Dragontooth Island celestial dragons resource dungeon. A charged Hoardstalker ring has the same teleport options, however with limited charges.

After Fate of the Gods and having completed all optional quests for The World Wakes, gives the player a fast transportation method to the World Gate, from which you can reach Muspah, Nihil, Nightmares, Crystal Shapeshifters, and Rune dragons.

Having a ring of slayer provides the fastest means of transportation to the Slayer Tower, where creatures like Abyssal demons reside.

Task summary table

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This is a list of all monsters assigned by Morvran. Do keep in mind that the experience rates are only true at 100% accuracy, and some experience rates are better when using a style the monster is not necessarily weak to. Also notice that there may be more than 1 creature in a category.

Category Monster name Experience (Elite/Minion) Notes Drops Special (Style) requirements Estimated Exp/h
Abyssal demon

Abyssal demon

278 (1,069) Halberds greatly accelerate kills, especially when used with an Aggression potion. Abyssal whip, Abyssal wand, Abyssal orb, Abyssal head Slash weakness icon Slash
Silverlight Silverlight
Acheron mammoths Acheron mammoth 3952 Has powerful attacks and a "Dishonor" mechanic. Failing to react to special attacks can result in instant death. Mammoth tusk, Raptor key part 4 Stab weakness icon Stab 405,000
Adamant dragons Adamant dragon 655.6 Short task.

Unlocked after Hero's Welcome.

Fire protection is highly recommended.

Draconic visage, Dragon full helm Air weakness icon Air spells
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane
Airuts Airut 800.2 Airut's defence raises as its health becomes lower. Razorback gauntlets, Airut bones Zero weakness icon Nothing 220,000
Aquanites Aquanite 212.6 (968) Not assigned unless player has unlocked Aquanite tasks (costs 50 slayer points).

Aquanites are fairly spread out.

Frequent seed drops can yield high farming XP if Seedicide is used.

Amulet of ranging Arrow weakness icon Arrows 110,000
Ascension creatures Rorarius 140 Quick task. Ascension keystones, Ascension grips Ranged weakness icon Ranged (Any) 135,000
Legiones 1829.2 - 1938.8 Requires Ascension keystones to attack. Ascension signets, Ascension keystones, Ascension grips, Corrupted ascension signets
Automatons Automaton Generator 624 Has a dangerous special attack.

Unlocked after completing The World Wakes, The Firemaker's Curse, the Ritual of the Mahjarrat, The Chosen Commander, Branches of Darkmeyer, and The Void Stares Back.

Tracking gloves, Cresbot Arrow weakness icon Arrows 220,000
Automaton Guardian Static gloves, Cresbot Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Automaton tracer Pneumatic gloves, Cresbot Crush weakness icon Crush
Aviansie Aviansie 171 Fast task.

Armadylean Spiritual mages, warriors, and rangers count towards Aviansie tasks.

Warpriest of Armadyl armour Bolt weakness icon Bolts
Kree'arra 580 (180) See main article for loot. Zero weakness icon Nothing 235,000
Black demons Black demon 294.4 Relatively fast. Tasks can be accelerated by using a Dwarf Multicannon. Players may also wish to use Infernal urns to simultaneously train prayer. Bolt weakness icon Bolts
Holy water Holy water
Silverlight Silverlight
Black dragons Black dragon 245 Fast task.

Fire protection is highly recommended.

Draconic visage, Black dragon egg Bolt weakness icon Bolts
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane
King Black Dragon 1050.6 Fire protection is essential. King black dragon head, Draconic visage, King black dragon scale Zero weakness icon Nothing
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane
Queen Black Dragon 1693.5 See article for mechanics. Royal crossbow components, Dragon kiteshield, Draconic visage, Queen black dragon scale Zero weakness icon Nothing
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane
Camel warriors Camel Warrior 3609 Has a split mechanic, similar to glacors.

Player is subject to desert heat.

Camel staff, Raptor key part 3 Ranged weakness icon Ranged 320,000
Celestial dragons Celestial dragon 976.3 Unlocked after One of a Kind.

Only attacks with dragonfire if outside melee distance.

Fire protection is highly recommended.

Celestial handwraps, Draconic visage, Dragon Rider armour Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane
Chaos giants Chaos Giant 929.3 Unlocked after Birthright of the Dwarves.

Always aggressive, unless player is under attack.

Dragon pickaxe, Dragon throwing axe Stab weakness icon Stab 220,000
Corrupted creatures Corrupted scorpion 371 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper.

A feather of Ma'at is consumed after each kill.

Most drops are automatically collected and stored in a chest near the entrance. Players are free to use inventory space for potions and food.

Khopesh of the Kharidian, Key to the Crossing, Corrupted gem Water weakness icon Water spells 240,000
Corrupted scarab 408 Fire weakness icon Fire spells 230,000
Corrupted lizard 533 Stab weakness icon Stab
Corrupted dust devil 679.8 Crush weakness icon Crush
Corrupted kalphite guardian 494 Earth weakness icon Earth spells 165,000
Corrupted kalphite marauder Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Corrupted worker 653 Water weakness icon Water spells 240,000
Crystal shapeshifters Crystal Shapeshifter 1269.8 Unlocked after The Light Within.

Shapeshifters adjust their combat style and weakness according to the player's own style.

Tarddian crystals (amount can be increased by wearing crystal armour), Attuned crystal seeds Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Stab weakness icon Stab
Thrown weakness icon Thrown
Dagannoth Dagannoth 57.6 Very fast task.

Found in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon and in the Chaos Tunnels.

Air weakness icon Air spells
Balmung Balmung
Dagannoth Guardian 326.6 Air weakness icon Air spells
Balmung Balmung
Dagannoth Kings 1068 See article for mechanics. Fremennik rings, Dagannoth scale, Shrivelled dagannoth claw, Dagannoth egg Melee weakness icon Melee
Magic weakness icon Magic
Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Dark beasts Dark beast 331.5 (1,372.8) Found in Kuradal's Dungeon.

Dark bast tasks can be finished with minimal effort by using an Aggression potion.

Dark bow Bolt weakness icon Bolts 171,000
Desert strykewyrms Desert strykewyrm 376.5 Killable only on task.

Relatively slow tasks.

Focus sight Stab weakness icon Stab 70,000*
Edimmu Edimmu 800.2 (2,044) Requires 115 Dungeoneering.

Killable only on task.

Blood necklace shard Slash weakness icon Slash
Salve amulet Salve amulet
Elves Elf warrior 73.6 Fast kills. Crystal teleport seed Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Iorwerth guard, Iorwerth scout 520 Uses abilities and build adrenaline similar to the player.

Defeated elves do not drop bones.

Attuned crystal seeds Fire weakness icon Fire spells 300,000
Cadarn ranger, Cadarn magus Arrow weakness icon Arrows 250,000
Ganodermic creatures Ganodermic beast, Ganodermic runt 565 Items for Ganodermic equipment. Fire weakness icon Fire spells 260,000
Gargoyles Gargoyle 197.4 Available within Slayer Tower and Kuradal's Dungeon. Granite maul, Dark mystic robe top Water weakness icon Water spells 117,000
Gemstone dragons Dragonstone dragon 1448.4 Expensive to kill off task.

Requires completion of hard Karamja tasks.

Special attack removes 20s of any active anti fire potions.

Gemstone gauntlets, Gemstone boots, Draconic visage Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane
Onyx dragon 1858.8 Expensive to kill off task.

Requires completion of hard Karamja tasks.

Special attack heals dragon for 5,000 life points.

Gemstone helm, Gemstone greaves, Draconic visage
Hydrix dragon 4768.8 Expensive to kill off task.

Requires completion of hard Karamja tasks.

Special attack completely drains player's adrenaline and reduces gain by 50%.

Gemstone hauberk, Draconic visage 570,000
Glacors Glacor 1881 Unlockable after completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat.

Requires to be unlocked with 50 slayer points.

Shards of Armadyl, Glaiven boots, Steadfast boots, Ragefire boots Fire weakness icon Fire spells 200,000
Greater demons Greater demon 135.4 (620) Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Magic weakness icon Magic
K'ril Tsutsaroth (HM) 2151.5 (209) See main article for loot. Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Magic weakness icon MagicHigh Accuracy

Mature grotworm

343.6 Fast task. Can be completed with minimal effort if Aggression potions are used. Bolt weakness icon Bolts 70,000*
Ice strykewyrms Ice strykewyrm 693.2 Requires a Fire/Kiln cape to damage. Staff of light Fire weakness icon Fire spells 255,000
Iron dragon Iron dragon 245 Fast task.

Fire protection is highly recommended.

Draconic visage Water weakness icon Water spells
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane
Kal'gerion demons Kal'gerion demon 1858.8 Requires 90 Dungeoneering or willingness to go to Wilderness. Kal'gerion battle commendation, Demon slayer crossbow Silverlight Silverlight 160,000*
Kalphites Kalphite 59.3 - 3963 Ranged weakness icon Ranged 86,000*
Corrupted kalphite marauder, guardian 494 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper.

Requires feather of Ma'at to kill.

Khopesh of the Kharidian, Key to the Crossing, Corrupted gem Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Magic weakness icon Magic
Lava strykewyrms Lava strykewyrm 1872 Only found in the Wilderness.

Can be killed with a Slayer Contract.

Fury sharks, Wyrm heart, Wyrm scalp, Wyrm spike Ranged weakness icon Ranged 260,000
Lost Grove creatures Vinecrawler 2086 Cinderbane gloves Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Bulbous crawler 2360 Slash weakness icon Slash
Moss golem 2408.8 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Mithril dragons Mithril dragon 564.4 Dragon Full Helm, Draconic visage Earth weakness icon Earth spells
Tune Bane Ore icon Bane
Muspah Bladed, Force, Throwing Muspah 469 Unlockable after Fate of the Gods.

Requires to be unlocked with 50 slayer points.

Nightmare muspah pouch ingredients Magic weakness icon Magic

Ancient Spells

Mutated jadinkos

Mutated jadinko male

209.6 Herblore Habitat ingredients Melee weakness icon Melee

Halberd, Aggression potion

Nechyaels Nechryael 251.6, (1,120) Melee weakness icon Melee

Halberd, Aggression potion

Nihils Smoke, Shadow Nihil 423 - 705.4 Unlockable after Fate of the Gods.

Requires to be unlocked with 50 slayer points.

Nihil pouch ingredients, Zaryte bow Ranged weakness icon Ranged 120,000*
Nightmares Nightmare 1540 Unlockable after Children of Mah.

Requires to be unlocked with 50 slayer points.

Nightmare gauntlets Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Ripper demons Ripper Demon 2,721.5 (3,203) Turns aggressive at low life points.

Deals high amount of damage.

Has a 1-shot mechanic.

Ripper claws, Raptor key part 2 Silverlight Silverlight 440,000
Rune dragon Rune dragon 2,051 (3,399) Unlocked after Ritual of the Mahjarrat and Fate of the Gods. Glaiven wing-tip,

Ragefire gland, Steadfast scale, Draconic visage, Kethsi ring

Tune Bane Ore icon Bane

Super antifire

Shadow creature Truthful, Blissful, Manifest shadow 343 - 930 Tirannwn quiver 2+ increases damage dealt by 5%. Dark Soul, Dark Mind, Dark Body Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Magic weakness icon Magic
Soul devourers Salawa akh 504 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper. Khopesh of the Kharidian, Corrupted gem, Key to the Crossing, Vital sparks, Corrupted egg Magic weakness icon Magic
Melee weakness icon Melee (melee with halberd-type weapon)
Feline akh 536.2 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper.

At low health can call for help.

Magic weakness icon Magic
Melee weakness icon Melee
Scarab akh 714.8 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper.

Uses Vulnerability.

Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Magic weakness icon Magic
Crocodile akh 799 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper.

Deals massive melee damage every 5 attacks.

Magic weakness icon Magic 270,000
Gorilla akh 748 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper.

Deals massive damage in front of them. Move away to mitigate damage.

Magic weakness icon Magic 250,000
Imperial mage, warrior, ranger akh 1780.5 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper.

Can use abilities like elves in Prifddinas.

Magic weakness icon Magic (attack mages and warriors only)
Ranged weakness icon Ranged (attack rangers and mages only)
Melee weakness icon Melee (attack warriors and rangers only)
The Magister 8000 Unlocked after Icthlarin's Little Helper. Requires Key to the Crossing. Slayer helmet does not provide buffs. Phylactery, Key to the Crossing, Gloves of Passage Magic weakness icon Magic
Stalker creatures Soulgazer 1950 Unlocked after completing Dishonour Among Thieves. Soulgazer's charm, Hexhunter bow Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Steel dragons Steel dragon 350 Very quick task. Draconic visage Magic weakness icon Magic 154,000*
Tormented demons Tormented demons 1136 Unlockable after While Guthix Sleeps.

Requires to be unlocked with 50 slayer points.

Protection prayers protect 100% of the damage.

Dragon limbs, Dragon claws, Ruined dragon armour Silverlight Silverlight
Holy water Holy water

Ranged weakness icon Ranged
Magic weakness icon Magic

TzHaar Fight cauldron (place) Varies Task can be used to do TzHaar Fight Cave instead. TokHaar-Hok drops an experience lamp Water weakness icon Water spells

Ice spells

Obsidian armour



340 Blisterwood staff Blisterwood 80,000*
Waterfiends Waterfiend 335 (1181.5) Ranged weakness icon RangedMelee weakness icon Melee 240,000* (if scythe)
Living Wyverns Wyvern 1878.8 (2654) Deals very high and constant damage. Has cold-based mechanics and poison capability. Wyvern crossbow, Draconic visage, Raptor key part 1 Melee weakness icon Melee

Stuns, high accuracy and damage weapons

Wyrmfire potion

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