Sled detail

The sled is a device obtained and used during the Troll Romance quest.

Making the sled

To make the sled, players must talk to Dunstan, who is to the east of Burthorpe Castle, in the house with the anvil. One must have the following in the inventory:

First, the player must speak to Dunstan to make the sled. Players must then use the swamp tar with the bucket of wax. The wax will then automatically go into their cake tin. Players should then use the wax with the made sled, creating the waxed sled.

It is equipped when one needs to sled down Trollweiss during and after Troll Romance to get from the peak to near the southern base where the rare Trollweiss flower grows. Players can obtain a new sled by the same method or from the spawn point on Trollweiss Mountain.

If a player cannot currently obtain a sled, completing the updated Death Plateau quest will give Dunstan the option to create a new one.


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