Sliced mushrooms (The Arc) detail

Sliced mushrooms are a product of slicing mushrooms obtained in The Arc. They are commonly sought after for use as an ingredient in shark soup. Sliced mushrooms can be sold to Tang (food merchant) on Waiko for 10 chimes each or to Sinuman (food merchant) on Cyclosis for 11 chimes each.


Mushrooms can be sliced in different amounts, depending on the mushroom type, to create a sliced mushroom. Each sliced mushroom awards the player with 85 Cooking and 15 Herblore experience. Slicing mushrooms requires at least level 86 Cooking and 90 Farming, which may be boosted.

The location and amount of mushrooms required to produce one sliced mushroom can be found listed below:

Input Goshima The Islands That
Once Were Turtles
Uncharted Isles
5 × N/A
2 × N/A N/A
1 ×

Store locations

Tang Chufang
Merchant Tang
Island Waiko
Price sold at 100
Prices bought at
Base value 10
First upgrade 11
Second upgrade 12
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Sweet Goods
Merchant Sinuman
Island Cyclosis
Price sold at 100
Prices bought at
Base value 11
First upgrade 12
Second upgrade 13
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A free inventory space is needed when transmutating driftwood into sliced mushrooms.

Level Initial resource Value[1] Energy Result Profit Experience
Divination 95 2 × Driftwood 10 2 × Ancestral energy 1 × Sliced mushrooms -1 22.6 Divination
  1. ^ Assumes highest sell-to-store value

Random effects

Effect wushroom

Ghasts encircle the player

Effect wushroom 2

A giant mole beheads Sliske!

Sliced mushrooms have a "Nibble" option, which can be selected via right-clicking the item inside the player's inventory. Nibbling does not consume the item, and may be done once every 10 minutes, causing a variety of random effects to happen, identical to the Hallucinogenic perk.

  • When nibbled, a message is displayed: Something interesting happens.
  • If nibbled before the 10 minutes have passed, a message is displayed: Nothing interesting happens...yet.


  • With the release of the second batch of The Arc, all owned wushrooms were converted into sliced mushrooms.
  • Previously when nibbling a mushroom, if there was not enough room around the player to perform a random effect a message would be displayed: There's not enough room here for something interesting to happen. With the release of The Arc – Chapter 2 on 10 October 2016 this message was removed.
  • The random effects caused by nibbling the mushrooms are a reference to psilocybin.
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