Small crystal seed detail

The small crystal seed is an item given to the player by King Narnode in the Tree Gnome Stronghold as a reward for completing The Eyes of Glouphrie quest.

The seed can be transformed into a crystal saw by using it on the Singing bowl in either Brimstail's cave in the south west area of the Tree Gnome Stronghold or in the Ithell Clan area of Prifddinas. Alternatively, players can talk to Ilfeen in Tirannwn.

During The Path of Glouphrie quest the player gains the ability turn the seed into a crystal chime to defeat warped terrorbirds and warped tortoises. This is done at the singing bowl located in Yewnock's cave in the Gnome Village Dungeon. If the player decides to add their crystal chime to their Slayer tool belt, the seed will be returned to them.

If the player loses the seed, the saw, or the chime they can speak to Brimstail to obtain another seed. He can be found in his cave in the south-west of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. If the dialogue option "Hello, just wanted a chat." does appear, the player doesn't have a seed and can receive a new one. Otherwise the player will still have a crystal seed, saw or chime and should check their bank.

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