Small loot bag detail

The small loot bag is used in safecracking. When cracking safes across Gielinor, the loot will be added to the small loot bag. You cannot withdraw loot - instead, you have to fence it in the Thieves' Guild, with Robin.

A full small loot bag is worth approximately 16,850-29,250 thieving experience, 24,750-55,000 coins and 63-92 Pilfer points when fenced.

Each safe fills either 6, 8 or 10% of the small loot bag. Commonly it takes about 11-16 safes to fill a small loot bag. This equates to approximately 1053-2659 experience, 1547-5000 coins and 3.9-8.4 Pilfer points per safe.

A Small Loot Bag can be upgraded into a Medium loot bag at Dodgy Derek's Dirty Deals for 500 Pilfer Points.

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