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Small mystery box (Invasion of Falador) was removed from RuneScape after an update, but still exists in-game for those who had obtained it.

Small mystery box is an item released with the Invasion of Falador. It is one of the possible rewards for helping with The Lost Sword activity in Falador Park. It is rewarded by Darla when both personal and community contribution have reached 20%.

If the box is destroyed, players can reclaim it at any time by speaking to Darla.


Item Quantity Rarity GE price
Commendation.pngCommendation250Always[1]Not sold
Prismatic medium fallen star.pngPrismatic medium fallen star1–2Always[2]Not sold
Medium prismatic lamp.pngMedium prismatic lamp1–2Always[3]Not sold
Prismatic large fallen star.pngPrismatic large fallen star1CommonNot sold
Medium protean pack.pngMedium protean pack1CommonNot sold
Large protean pack.pngLarge protean pack1CommonNot sold
Large prismatic lamp.pngLarge prismatic lamp1CommonNot sold
Portable skilling pack.pngPortable skilling pack1CommonNot sold
Spring.pngSpring25; 100Common82,075–328,300
Silverhawk feathers 5.pngSilverhawk feathers25; 100Common501,350–2,005,400
  1. ^ Players will receive commendations regardless of if they have hit their daily cap or not. If they have not reached it, the commendations will not count towards this cap.
  2. ^ At least one medium star will always be received.
  3. ^ At least one medium lamp will always be received.
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