This article is about the feature that members can build in their houses. For a list of small obelisks scattered around Gielinor, see Summoning obelisk#Small obelisks.

A small obelisk can be constructed in a player's Menagerie with 41 Construction. It is the only player made structure that can recharge Summoning points. Legendary pets with the Beast of Burden ability active can be healed at the obelisk.

Building a small obelisk requires 1 marble block, 1,000 spirit shards, 10 gold charms, 10 green charms, 10 crimson charms and 10 blue charms. The total cost (if all materials are bought from their respective stores) is 350,000 coins, not including charms.

Mini house obelisk

A small obelisk in a desert habitat

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