Not to be confused with Small pouch.
Small rune pouch detail

The small rune pouch is a reward from Deathmatch, purchasable for 600 Deathmatch points from the Bounty Hunter & Deathmatch Reward Shop. The pouch is initially bought sealed, and it is unsealed upon use. Players can store up to 16,000 each of two unique runes inside the pouch. While stored in the pouch, runes will be consumed as if they are in the player's inventory for the purpose of casting spells. Unlike the Wicked pouch, the small rune pouch does not degrade from use and can be used in the Wilderness.

Multiple small rune pouches may be bought, but only one small pouch can be used at a time. However, a small rune pouch and a large rune pouch can be used together. In comparison to the large rune pouch from Bounty Hunter, the large pouch holds 3 types of runes instead of 2, can be equipped in the ammo slot, and is tradeable. If the same type of rune is in both pouches and your inventory, the order of runes used first is elemental staves/wands/books > large rune pouch > small rune pouch > inventory > wicked pouch.

When a player has fewer than 500 runes of a certain type remaining in their small rune pouch, the following warning message appears in the chat box: You have less than 500 [Rune]s in your Rune pouch.

The small rune pouch will drop its runes to the opponent upon death in a player vs. player situation.


  • The item value of the pouch varies, depending on which runes are stored. The pouch takes the value of the runes, even runes that are always kept (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, and Body runes), which adds additional death costs.
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