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Smithing supplies are looted in Wilderness Warbands. They will give Smithing experience once given to Quercus, who is just north-west of the Grand Exchange.

If you have any number of Smithing supplies (or any Warband supplies) in your inventory whilst in the Wilderness, you can be attacked by any level of player in Multi-way combat. Additionally, you cannot teleport on members' worlds with supplies in your inventory, and logging out in the Wilderness with supplies will cause them to disappear. If you enter a safe area, all held supplies would have "(untradeable)" added to their name and not appear for anyone else if the player dies.

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  • Smithing supplies' icon originally looked like a miniature image of an armour stand, however, it was changed at an unknown date, and now look like a Rune ingot IV down to the "IV" on the bar.
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