Snakeskin armour is ranged armour. It is stronger than frog-leather armour, but weaker than spined armour. All of the pieces require 30 Ranged and 30 Defence to wear, and can be made through the Crafting skill by crafting tanned snakeskins, requiring a Crafting level of 53 to make the full set. It would take 46 snakehides to make this armour set.

Both this and Carapace armour have the same Ranged and Defence requirement, but the latter requires less materials (which are easier to come by than Snakeskin) and lower Crafting level, making Snakeskin armour obsolete.

Components and bonuses

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Snakeskin bandanaSnakeskin bandana9000---1,694
Snakeskin bodySnakeskin body10400---57,922
Snakeskin vambracesSnakeskin vambraces2200---7,882
Snakeskin chapsSnakeskin chaps9900---2,789
Snakeskin bootsSnakeskin boots2200---1,034


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