This article is about the spell. For the Hunter item, see bird snare.
Snare icon.png
Release date 29 March 2004 (Update)
Members Yes
Level 50
Spellbook Normal,
Type Combat
Experience 60.5
Runes 2Nature
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Snare is a combat spell which prevents your opponent from moving.

It currently lasts for 9 seconds against players and 18 seconds against monsters.

It is possible to cast Snare on a target that is already affected. However, this will not refresh the effect and does not grant experience, resulting in a total waste of runes.

This spell was often disputed over whether it should be members only. Many players believe that it's too powerful of an attack for Free-to-Play, while others think that it wouldn't be much of a benefit for Pay-to-Play. This spell is currently for members only, while f2p users can still use Bind.


2Nature rune.png810
1.8Nature rune.pngNature staff.png729


  • The animation of Snare is almost identical to that of Bind other than that the latter's "vine" has a greyer colour.
  • If this spell is named in terms of common gaming terms, it would be named "Root" as it prevents the target from moving, whereas "Snare" only slows the target's movement.
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