File:Sneakerpeeper adult icon.png The Sneakerpeeper, otherwise known as Sneaks, is a pet that can be purchased for 85,000 Dungeoneering tokens. It requires 80 Dungeoneering and Summoning to care for. It eats eyes of newt.

When he is purchased, he is a sneakerpeeper spawn, and his hunger rate periodically increases by 3.1%, with its growth percentage increasing 1.5% at the same time. It is the only stalker to exist outside of Daemonheim.

Sneakerpeeper spawn

Sneaks, attempting to fly.



  • Sneakerpeepers are tied with baby dragons and sheepdogs for the title of largest pet; these pets take up 4 squares while all others use only 1.
  • Oddly, like other stalkers, it is able to speak the common tongue just fine while a baby, but apon becoming an adult, it requires level 90 Summoning to be understood.
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