File:Sneakerpeeper adult icon.png The Sneakerpeeper, otherwise known as Sneaks, is a pet that can be purchased for 85,000 Dungeoneering tokens. It requires 80 Dungeoneering and Summoning to care for. It eats eyes of newt.

When it is purchased, it is a sneakerpeeper spawn, and its hunger rate periodically increases by 3.1%, with its growth percentage increasing 1.5% at the same time. It is the only stalker to exist outside of Daemonheim.

Sneakerpeeper spawn

Sneaks, attempting to fly.



  • Sneakerpeepers are tied with baby dragons and sheepdogs, labradors and pigs for the title of largest pet; these pets take up 4 squares while all others use only 1.
  • Like other stalkers, it is able to speak the common tongue just fine while a baby, but upon becoming an adult, it requires 91 Summoning to be understood. Unlike other pets and familiars, this is 11 levels over the requirement to obtain it, as opposed to 10.
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