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The snow globe is a holiday reward obtained during the 2007 Christmas event. Players must talk to the Queen of Snow in the Land of Snow, who will give them a snow globe as a gift. Players who did not previously obtain a snow globe can get one during the 2016 Christmas event by talking to the Queen of Snow after stepping through the 2007 Christmas cupboard.

When a player shakes the snow globe, snow falls randomly in a 5 by 5 square centred on the player and all their free inventory spots fill with snowballs. Between 2 and 5 piles of snow fall (it will not snow in buildings with roofs). The snow melts after a while. After the event, Jagex removed the snow globe's ability to produce snow around the player. However, the snow globe will continue to generate snowballs after the 2007 Christmas event, unlike the snowballs from the previous event, which melted a short while after.

If lost, another snow globe may be obtained in Draynor Village by talking to Diango. Members can also store it in their Toy box, found in the in the Costume room of a Player-owned house.

When shaken, the Globe can do the following:

  • Shake Snow globe: You shake the snow globe. (snow globe image appears) and a softer version of Harmony is played.
  • Continue: The snow globe fills your inventory with snow!
  • Close: No snow in inventory
  • Cancel: Keeps snow globe image on.

Snowballs can be wielded and thrown at other players and used as a weapon against monsters.

Snow Globe containing Lumbridge Castle.


Upon the release of RuneScape HD a glitch occurred when a player shook the globe. The snow globe floated in mid-air next to them while their empty hand was shaking. This has been fixed by Jagex.

Upon shaking it, if the player does any action that can cancel an interface, they will be seen just holding the globe, without the interface showing the close-up of the globe appearing. This has not been fixed.

Once shaking and closing the interface, if you move away, the snow will still fall on the place where you've shaken it and it will stomp itself until it dissapears.


  • When attempting to shake the Snow globe while stunned from a failed pickpocket attempt, you receive the message "You can't do that if bound by Magic."
  • The image in the snow globe is a winter version of Lumbridge Castle.
  • It plays a part of Harmony when shaken; however it is much higher and softer.
  • During the 2011 Christmas event the snow that falls beneath a player melts away slower.
  • After Evolution of Combat player update, when you shake it, you'll still be in the old pose standing.
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