Snowy chathead

Snowy is the first domestic dog of the first family on Gielinor. He appears to be a terrier.


The player may choose to interact with Snowy in Past A. The options are:

  • Chat
  • Stroke
  • Take me to... (He can take a player to any of the four NPCs in Past A.)
  • Shoo-away

Past B

Snowy dies between Part A and Part B. His grave can be found by heading 3 tiles north from the portal, 18 tiles east, 5 more tiles north, and then 3 last tiles west. Based on the inscription on his grave he died at the age of 10. The inscription reads:

Our beloved Snowy. Died age 10. A truly kind-hearted dog, so gentle and fun.


  • Snowy's name is possibly a reference to Snowy the dog from the Tintin comic books.
  • Sometimes, Snowy will follow players around until led outside. This behaviour is similar to the stray dogs in Varrock.
  • Snowy's head in the chatbox doesn't match his colour.
  • When you chat to Snowy, it does not translate the speech into English even if you have over level 14 summoning.
  • If you use a spade on Snowy's grave you will receive the message "Are you seriously considering digging up poor Snowy?".
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