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Leather armour is the lowest quality ranged armour. There are no requirements to wear it. All of the pieces can be made with the Crafting skill, and are made using soft leather. Leather armour is one of the main sources of low level crafting experience for free-to-play players, the other being clay items. Due to over-production of these items, they are less profitable than the latter, the Grand Exchange price has dropped permanently to the Low Level Alchemy prices respectively.

Every piece of leather armour only requires one soft leather each.

Members with the appropriate Crafting level have the option of adding steel studs to pieces of this armour (with the exception of the cowl) to create studded leather armour. They can also create spiky vambraces by combining kebbit claws and leather vambraces at 32 Crafting.

Components and bonuses

While they are 2 distinctly separate items, leather gloves and vambraces have the same stats.

AttributeStyle bonusPrice
Leather cowl.pngLeather cowl3000---470
Leather body.pngLeather body3400---414
Leather gloves.pngLeather gloves500---202
Leather vambraces.pngLeather vambraces500---257
Leather chaps.pngLeather chaps3300---397
Leather boots.pngLeather boots500---170
Leather shield.pngLeather shield3000---433


  • Pickpockets Chris and Dan both appear to be wearing recoloured leather armour.