Solo PvM is a subcategory of Combat achievements that was released on 18 April 2017.

Achievements in this subcategory

There are 39 achievements in this subcategory.

# Name Members Description RuneScore
All Aboard Yes Defeat Kree'arra after allowing him to push you from one wall to another with his wing knockback. 30
Baroo Quality Yes Defeat a Dagannoth King whilst wearing full yak-hide armour and a Fremennik round shield. 35
Bring It All Back Yes Defeat the Twin Furies using fury blades. 40
Brothers in Arms Yes Defeat each of the Barrows Brothers, dealing the killing blow with their own weapon. 20
Burn, Fury, Burn Yes Defeat the Twin Furies without dealing damage during their channeled bomb attack. 40
Changing of the Guard Yes Defeat the King Black Dragon while wearing black dragonhide in six equipment slots. 20
Classic Dragon Killing Yes Defeat Gorvek and Vindicta whilst having a charged dragonfire shield equipped. 40
Coursing Through You Yes Defeat Telos while taking the full damage of the virus in the fifth phase. 70
Dagannoth Traffic Wardens Yes Defeat the Dagannoth Supreme with each different colour variation of Balmung. 40
Double Swoop Yes Defeat all of Kree'arra's lieutenants twice before defeating Kree'arra. 40
Fist Contact Yes Defeat General Graardor using only your fists. 50
Floor Is Larval Yes Defeat the Queen Black Dragon after killing 30 grotworms during the fight. 50
Glutton For Punishment Yes Get the Corporeal Beast to devour a variety of delicious familiars. 30
Good Enough for a Goblin Yes Defeat Corporeal Beast using only a bronze spear. 40
Graardone Yes Defeat General Graardor in under 15 seconds 40
Hail To The Queen Yes Defeat two Kalphite Guardians whilst fighting Kalphite Queen and then defeat her. 20
I Got This Yes Defeat each of the six Legiones consecutively without leaving the Ascension dungeon. 40
In The Spirit Of Things Yes Defeat Gregorovic without dealing any damage to his spirits. 60
K'ril Will Be Done Yes Defeat K'ril after he slams through your prayers 3 times. 30
K'rilow Yes Defeat K'ril with a willow weapon. 40
Like A Boss Yes Kill a boss goblin in the Goblin Village. 5
Loyal Subject No Get the King Black Dragon to fully degrade a mole anti-dragon shield. 20
Lumbridge Strikes Back Yes Defeat Araxxor and Araxxi whilst wearing bronze armour on your head, torso and legs, and a bronze weapon in your main hand. 75
Naturist No Allow the Chaos Elemental to unequip something you're wearing. 15
Safety Dance Yes Avoid being damaged by twenty of the Queen Black Dragon's fire waves without defeat. 50
Stand Your Ground Yes Defeat each of the six Legiones without moving. 50
Stuffed With Anima Yes Defeat Telos (on 100%+ enrage) after letting him reach a full anima bar in all 5 phases. 55
Sunshine Through The Rain Yes Defeat Hard Mode Commander Zilyana whilst under the effects of her cloud attack and the Sunshine ability. 40
Telos If You're Angry I Yes Defeat Telos at 50% enrage. 5
Telos If You're Angry II Yes Defeat Telos at 100% enrage. 5
Telos If You're Angry III Yes Defeat Telos at 250% enrage. 5
Telos If You're Angry IV Yes Defeat Telos at 500% enrage. 5
Telos If You're Angry V Yes Defeat Telos at 750% enrage. 5
Telos If You're Angry VI Yes Defeat Telos at 1,000% enrage. 5
They All Fell Down Yes Defeat the Dagannoth Kings all within 5 seconds of each other. 40
Through The Fire And Flames Yes Kill the Queen Black Dragon with a royal crossbow. 30
Traitorous Yes Defeat Commander Zilyana whilst wearing a full set of Proselyte Armour. 30
Unionised Yes Defeat Helwyr whilst wearing the full Prifddinian worker's outfit. 40
Wolf Pack Yes Defeat Helwyr whilst there are 4 Cywir Alphas still alive. 70
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