Unlike its accessory and outfit counterparts, Combat Gear cosmetic overrides purchased via Solomon's General Store requires a weapon equipped, and only corresponding weapon attack style to trigger the override. Thus this enables more than one type of combat gear override to be activated as long as the weapon attack style is different. On top of that, a weapon skin may occasionally be triggered with several different types of weapons. As with other skin overrides from the General Store, these do not display within player-versus-player areas (with the exception of the Replica Godsword Set and Replica Dragonfire Shield, while having equipped the corresponding godsword and dragonfire shield respectively).[1]

Override types

Unless otherwise specified, the following override types can be used to override any of the listed weapons:

Override type Weapons overridden
One-handed melee weapon Dagger, shortsword, longsword, scimitar, mace, warhammer, battleaxe, hatchet, claws, pickaxe, whip and rapier
Two-handed melee weapon Two-handed swords, spears, mauls, scythes and halberds
One-handed ranged weapon One-handed crossbows, darts, throwing knives, throwing axes, javelins and chinchompas
Two-handed ranged weapon Shortbows, shieldbows, longbows and two-handed crossbows
Staff All two-handed staves
Wand All main-hand magic wands
Shields All shields (regardless of class); does not include shieldbows
Off-hand magic weapon Orbs and books

List of overrides

Main hand combat gear overrides come in an assortment of weapons. 7 out of 32 available main hand combat gear overrides are purchasable using Loyalty points, with the remaining being RuneCoins exclusive.

Having the Scorching axe skin activated, one may even perform woodcutting with the default hatchet being overridden. The Replica Godsword Set skin override may stay activated in player-versus-player areas, with the restriction of having equipped the correct godsword in line with its skin override itself.[1]

Several combat gear overrides exist in only off-hand forms. 2 out of 5 off-hand combat gear override may be purchased with Loyalty points, with the remaining being RuneCoins exclusive. The Replica Dragonfire Shield skin override may stay activated in player-versus-player areas, with the restriction of having equipped the dragonfire shield itself.[1]

Image Name RuneCoins Loyalty points Overridden Weapon Type
Free Members
Quick-Fire crossbow icon Quick-Fire crossbow 144 130 N/A One-handed ranged weapon
Pactbreaker longsword icon Pactbreaker longsword 160 144 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Shock Eye staff icon Shock Eye staff 162 146 N/A Staff
Shatterstorm wand icon Shatterstorm wand 144 130 N/A Wand
Shipwrecker trident icon Shipwrecker trident 150 135 N/A Two-handed melee weapon
Scorching axe icon Scorching axe 152 137 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Blazing flamberge icon Blazing flamberge 172 155 N/A Two-handed melee weapon
Firebrand bow icon Firebrand bow 176 158 N/A One-handed ranged weapon
Flaming lash icon Flaming lash 184 166 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Solarius shield icon Solarius shield 196 176 N/A Shield
Jousting lance icon Jousting lance (spear) 160 144 N/A Two-handed melee weapon
Jousting lance (rapier) One-handed melee weapon
Cleaver of Tsutsaroth icon Cleaver of Tsutsaroth 180 162 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Brutal mace icon Brutal mace N/A N/A 26,880 One-handed melee weapon
Brutal crossbow icon Brutal crossbow N/A N/A 28,032 One-handed ranged weapon
Brutal claw icon Brutal claw N/A N/A 28,416 One-handed melee weapon
Brutal rapier icon Brutal rapier N/A N/A 30,720 One-handed melee weapon
Brutal longsword icon Brutal longsword 162 146 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Brutal whip icon Brutal whip 186 167 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Demonflesh book icon Demonflesh book 130 117 N/A Off-hand magic weapon
Executioner axe icon Executioner Axe 152 137 N/A Two-handed melee weapon
Replica dragonfire shield icon Replica dragonfire shield
[A 1]
N/A N/A 37,500 Shield
Replica godsword set icon Replica godsword set
[A 1]
N/A N/A 55,000 Two-handed melee weapon
Wildfire icon Wildfire 177 160 N/A Two-handed ranged weapon
Sunflare throwing axe icon Sunflare throwing axe 177 160 N/A One-handed ranged weapon
Firestorm blade icon Firestorm blade 177 160 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Hateful Heart icon Hateful Heart 177 160 N/A Off-hand magic weapon
Spiteful Spark icon Spiteful Spark 177 160 N/A Wand
The Burning Truth icon The Burning Truth 177 160 N/A Staff
Teddy icon Teddy N/A N/A 65,000 Off-hand magic weapon
Nefarious spire icon Nefarious spire 177 160 N/A Staff
Nefarious reach icon Nefarious reach 177 160 N/A Two-handed ranged weapon
Nefarious edge icon Nefarious edge 177 160 N/A Two-handed melee weapon
  1. ^ a b May be activated in player-versus-player situations with the corresponding equipment


For the month of January 2015, a number of items from Solomon's General Store were discounted at 25% off the normal price. In addition to this, every day, a different item will have its discount increased to 66%. All items that were part of the sale are now discontinued and can no longer be purchased, but can be worn if owned. Prices listed below were the normal prices when the items were available.

Image Name RuneCoins Loyalty points Overridden Weapon Type
Free Members
Barbed Bow Barbed bow 152 137 29,184 Two-handed ranged weapon
Daggerfist claw icon Daggerfist claw 164 148 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Razor whip icon Razor whip 156 140 N/A One-handed melee weapon
Seaborne dagger icon Seaborne dagger 140 126 44,800 One-handed melee weapon
Parasol 2H sword icon Parasol 2H sword 152 137 N/A Two-handed melee weapon


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