Certain Emotes are only obtainable via Solomon's General Store purchases. In general, emotes are a portrayal of emotions using different animation gestures that are intended for entertainment, amusement and communication which does not provide any bonuses whatsoever. Most emotes from the General Store require a big open space to be performed, determined by the square areas they take up.

There are a total of 45 (62 including emotes from the Actor's Emote Set, and 72 including pack emotes) emotes purchasable via Solomon's General Store. 7 emotes are exclusive to RuneCoins and can not be obtained by any other means. Including emotes from the Actor's Emote Set, there are a total of 24 emotes that falls under this category.

Icon Name RuneCoins Loyalty points Description
Free Members
Cat Fight emote icon Cat Fight N/A N/A 500 Sometimes you just have to unleash the beast.
Talk to the Hand emote icon Talk to the Hand N/A N/A 750 'Cause the face ain't listening.
Surrender emote icon Surrender N/A N/A 750 I give up! Don't hurt me!
Shake Hands emote icon Shake Hands N/A N/A 750 Can be used solo or with another player, as long as they also have the emote.
Palm-fist emote icon Palm-fist N/A N/A 750 Show any potential threats that you mean business. Serious business.
High Five emote icon High Five N/A N/A 750 Up top!
Golf clap emote icon Golf clap N/A N/A 750 Yeah, that was really good. No, seriously. I mean it. Honest.
Face-palm emote icon Face-palm N/A N/A 750 When words alone are insufficient to express your feelings on the matter.
You're Dead emote icon You're dead N/A N/A 1,000 You really couldn't make your intentions very much clearer.
ROFL emote icon ROFL N/A N/A 1,000 Roll on the floor laughing.
Muscle-man Pose emote icon Muscle-man Pose N/A N/A 1,000 Does anyone know a good vet? Because these pythons are SICK.
Levitate emote icon Levitate N/A N/A 1,000 Not only impressive, but also an excellent exercise for building a six pack.
Evil Laugh emote icon Evil Laugh N/A N/A 1,000 Everything is going precisely to plan. Those fools will never know what hit them!
Bring It! emote icon Bring it! N/A N/A 1,000 Do you want some of this? Do ya? Well come on then! Let's dance!
Breathe Fire emote icon Breathe Fire N/A N/A 1,000 A jug of moonshine and a flaming torch are all you need to do your best dragon impression.
Storm emote icon Storm N/A N/A 4,000 Create a stormcloud and ride the lightning.
Snow emote icon Snow N/A N/A 4,000 Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!
Hula Hoop emote icon Hula Hoop N/A N/A 4,000 Look! No hands!
Scream emote icon Scream N/A N/A 6,000 Let loose a scream of terror, and maybe the scary thing will run away. Maybe.
ROFLcopter emote icon ROFLcopter N/A N/A 6,000 ROFL so hard that you copter. Literally.
Lolcano emote icon Lolcano N/A N/A 6,000 It's pretty awesome that you summon a mini volcano beneath your feet. It's even more awesome that you survive it without a scratch.
Inner Power emote icon Inner Power N/A N/A 6,000 You've got the touch. You've got the power.
Head in the Sand emote icon Head in the Sand N/A N/A 6,000 Problem? What problem? I can't hear anybody talking about any problems. No sir.
Werewolf Transformation emote icon Werewolf Transformation N/A N/A 12,000 Lycanthropy is a terrible curse to bear - but it does make you look awesome.
Tornado emote icon Tornado N/A N/A 12,000 I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more.
Nature's Might emote icon Nature's Might N/A N/A 12,000 Let the power of nature flow through your body.
Infernal Power emote icon Infernal Power N/A N/A 12,000 Meddling with dark powers beyond the ken of mortal man - what could possibly go wrong?
Ghost emote icon Ghost N/A N/A 12,000 Let your spirit out for some exorcise every so often.
Divine Power emote icon Divine Power N/A N/A 12,000 A helping hand from a higher power.
Disappear emote icon Disappear N/A N/A 12,000 Cornered? Outnumbered? Just bored, and want to look cool? Poof! Gone...
Frog Transformation emote icon Frog Transformation N/A N/A 9,216 This emote will not make you poisonous, amphibious or enjoy the taste of flies... probably.
Mahjarrat Transformation emote icon Mahjarrat Transformation N/A N/A 9,408 Mages have assured us that absorbing the power of the Mahjarrat has no long term harmful effects.
Gravedigger emote icon Gravedigger N/A N/A 10,560 Show your opponents just where they'll end up if they choose to mess with you.
Break Wind emote icon Break Wind N/A N/A 11,904 He who smelt it, dealt it.
Breakdance emote icon Breakdance N/A N/A 13,440 The latest dance craze sweeping across Gielinor.
Kick Sand emote icon Kick Sand N/A N/A 11,520 Sandcastles, beware! Show the world you're not one to be trifled with.
Crab Transformation emote icon Crab Transformation N/A N/A 9,984 When not swimming, eating or plotting your doom, crabs often practise the art of dance.
Talk to skull emote icon Talk to skull 222 200 N/A A huge range of subtle emotes to let those around you know exactly how you feel. Also includes a slightly more theatrical 'talking to skull' emote, for fun.
Plead emote icon Plead
Gesture emote icon Gesture
Slight nod emote icon Slight nod
Gentle no emote icon Gentle no
Contemplate emote icon Contemplate
Dejected emote icon Dejected
Decisive emote icon Decisive
Shock emote icon Shock
Sob emote icon Sob
Excited emote icon Excited
Distressed emote icon Distressed
Restrained anger emote icon Restrained anger
Accuse emote icon Accuse
Innocent emote icon Innocent
Conspire emote icon Conspire
Talking emote icon Talk (A)
Talk (B)
Water Dance emote icon Water Dance 92 83 N/A Show your mastery over the element of water by using jets to create a playful performance.
Rock Smash emote icon Rock Smash 92 83 N/A Show your mastery over earth by summoning a protective shell of rock, then show your power by smashing it to pieces!
Ring of Fire emote icon Ring of Fire 92 83 N/A Show your control over the element of fire - scorch the earth, and emerge unscathed!
Lightning Blast emote icon Lightning Blast 92 83 N/A Show your mastery over the element of air, from tiny spark to devastating lightning strike!
Runescape through the Ages emote icon Runescape through the Ages N/A N/A 9,000 Celebrate RuneScape history with this brand new emote! RuneScape Through the Ages takes your player on a nostalgia trip that commemorates RuneScape's past. Designed by player JeysusChrist for our Design an Emote Competition 2014!
Sneaky Bunny emote icon Sneaky Bunny 88 80 N/A This bunny is not your friend! Celebrate Easter with the sneaky bunny - hold onto the basket tight!
Cute Bunny emote icon Cute Bunny 88 80 N/A Celebrate a fuzz-filled Easter with this emote! The cutest of bunnies literally at your feet!
Total 766 692 202,782

Packs emotes

Packs emotes are emotes that come free with a purchased pack and are not obtainable in any other way. As with other packs from Solomon's General Store, all 10 emotes are only purchasable using RuneCoins, thus making these emotes RuneCoins exclusive since they can not be purchased individually.

Certain pack emotes have specific requirements to be played and may only be played once the requirement is met (i.e. in most cases, having the full outfit activated).

Icon Name Pack RuneCoins
Free Members
Backflip (Assassin) emote icon Backflip Assassin pack 1,800 1,620
Robot Dance emote icon Robot Dance Dwarven Warsuit pack 1,800 1,620
Thruster Stomp emote icon Thruster Stomp
Ariane's Power emote icon Ariane's Power Ariane pack 800 720
Ozan's Smile emote icon Ozan's Smile Ozan pack 800 720
Balance of Nature emote icon Balance of Nature Robes of Sorrow pack 510 459
Robes of Remembrance pack 510 459
Owen's Mastery emote icon Owen's Mastery Sir Owen pack 960 864
Linza's Arsenal emote icon Linza's Arsenal Linza pack 800 720
Shadow to Praetor emote icon Shadow to Praetor Zaros pack 1,666 1,500
Praetor to Shadow emote icon Praetor to Shadow
Total 9,646 8,682
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