Like services, Equipments are provided by Solomon's General Store to enhance gameplay, but only for amusement. All equipments are community-friendly and may be shared with other players.

Equipment's purposes vary amongst players and the public, including for enjoyment, celebration or boasting. They provide no other advantages other than aesthetic entertainment.

Image Name RuneCoins Loyalty points
Free Members
Achievement banner detail Achievement banner 1000 900 N/A
Party pack detail Party pack N/A N/A 9,600
Masterwork music box detail Masterwork music box 120 108 N/A
Morytanian music box detail Morytanian music box 120 108 N/A
Kharidian music box detail Kharidian music box 120 108 N/A
Dwarven challenge barrel detail Dwarven Challenge Barrel 10 Pack N/A N/A 20,000
Challenge Gem 11 10 N/A
Challenge Gem 3 Pack 27 25 N/A
Challenge Gem 6 Pack 50 45 N/A
Clan Citadel Booster N/A 100 N/A
Clan Citadel Booster 3 Pack N/A 250 N/A
Clan Citadel Booster 6 Pack N/A 450 N/A
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