Not to be confused with Sophanem Dungeon.
Sophanem Slayer Dungeon
Sophanem Slayer Dungeon
Release date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Kingdom Sophanem
Members Yes
Main music None
Levels 2
Strongest monster The Magister (level 899)
Dwarf multicannon allowed No
Quests taking place here Icthlarin's Little Helper
Inhabitants Corrupted creatures, Soul devourers
Sophanem Slayer Dungeon map
Sophanem Slayer Dungeon entrance location

The entrance of the dungeon as shown on the world map.

The Sophanem Slayer Dungeon is a Slayer Dungeon located in south-west Sophanem. To enter and begin killing monsters within the dungeon requires level 88 Slayer and completion of part of Icthlarin's Little Helper.


The dungeon can be easily reached through the following methods:

  • The fastest method is to use a Sophanem Slayer Dungeon teleport tablet. The ability to craft them is gained upon reaching rank 4 with any of the Menaphos factions.
    • The Mask of dust (or its transformed variant) can provide two free teleports to the entrance each day, assuming that the player has 97 Slayer.
  • Use the Menaphos Lodestone, go through the gate connecting the two cities and run south-east. Using this method requires completion of Contact!.
  • Teleport to the Luminous wisp colony south of Sophanem via a Max Guild's skill portal and head north for the dungeon.
  • Take a magic carpet flight to Sophanem. Upon arrival, run south and the enter the gate. Once inside, a Menaphite guard is located at the dungeon entrance, located on the southernmost side of the large southern structure.
    • There are several access points to the magic carpet network, including:
      • Shantay Pass to southern Pollnivneach to Sophanem
    • Ring of slaying or the slayer cape perk to Sumona in Pollnivneach then run south to southern Pollnivneach.
    • Pollnivneach tablet then run south to southern Pollnivneach.


Monster Combat level Slayer level Weakness
Corrupted scorpion 98 88 Water weakness icon Water spells
Corrupted scarab 101 91 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Corrupted lizard 105 94 Stab weakness icon Stab
Corrupted dust devil 107 97 Crush weakness icon Crush
Corrupted kalphite marauder 110 100 Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Corrupted kalphite guardian 110 100 Earth weakness icon Earth spells
Corrupted worker 113 103 Water weakness icon Water spells
Salawa akh 106 105 Water weakness icon Water spells
Feline akh 109 107 Water weakness icon Water spells
Scarab akh 122 109 Fire weakness icon Fire spells
Crocodile akh 115 111 Water weakness icon Water spells
Gorilla akh 111 113 Water weakness icon Water spells
Imperial mage akh 130 117 Arrow weakness icon Arrows
Imperial warrior akh 130 117 Water weakness icon Water spells
Imperial ranger akh 130 117 Crush weakness icon Crush
The Magister 899 115 Zero weakness icon Nothing

There is a chance for the Menaphosian cat Katarina to spawn when killing any of these monsters.


Sophanem dungeon treasure chest

Players can collect the loot monsters drop from the chest.

To kill the monsters in this dungeon (barring the Magister and his summoned akhs), the feather of Ma'at is required in the player's inventory. One is consumed for each kill, unless the player has unlocked the overall reputation reward slayer feather buff at 141,900 reputation, which has a chance of preventing the feather from being consumed. They can be obtained from Shifting Tombs, or from the Menaphite guard outside the dungeon.

There are twelve different types of monsters in the dungeon; six are labelled as "corrupted", while the remaining six are labelled as "akh" (soul devourer). Both types are a possible assignment from Kuradal, Morvran or Sumona, however Sumona has the highest chance to assign them.[1] Some monsters can be killed for another task, e.g corrupted kalphite marauders for a kalphite task. The first half of the dungeon contains corrupted creatures, while the second half contains soul devourers. As players venture deeper into the dungeon, stronger monsters will be encountered.

The Sophanem Slayer Dungeon also has multiple chests throughout the dungeon; one at the entrance, another near the salawa akhs and a final one near the First Gate. The chest will automatically gather drops from the monsters, reducing the need to manage the inventory during a task. Players may opt to disable the auto-loot feature if desired. If this feature is disabled, there is a 20% chance for monster drops to be doubled. Tertiary drops, with exception of vital sparks, will not get doubled. If the player dies with loot collected in the chest, they can either pay a small fee (which increases as the total value of items held in the chest increase) or forfeit all of the items inside. The chest can only hold up to 30 different items. Any new items that the chest tries to take in for storage is instead dropped by the monster onto the ground.

Font of Elidinis

The Font of Elidinis can cleanse the player's corruption stacks.

The dungeon also has a corruption feature. Stacks are added as the player kills the monsters in the dungeon. They are given in 1, 2, 3, and 5% intervals, depending on the monster's slayer level and type. For example, killing corrupted scorpions or salawa akhs (the weakest monster in their respective category) would add 1% to the player's stack. Killing corrupted workers or imperial guard akhs (the strongest in their respective category) would add 5% to the player's stack. For every stack obtained, the player takes and inflicts 1% additional damage. The normal maximum cap of this corruption is at 25%. The Magister's chamber also shares the corruption feature, though the corruption cap is temporarily doubled to 50% when fighting him; upon his death, it resets back to 25%.

In the corrupted worker, feline akh and crocodile akh areas is a Font of Elidinis which will remove all corruption stacks the player has accumulated.

Once aligned with a faction, players can gain reputation from killing the monsters in the dungeon. The stronger the monster, the more reputation is awarded. If killing the monsters on a slayer task, the reputation gained from killing them is doubled.

If a player is given corrupted creatures or soul devourers as a slayer task, they will be able to find a hetite stone in the dungeon. Its placement is different for each player.



Players start off in a three room catacomb containing only corrupted scorpions, scarabs and lizards. There are two shortcuts in this area: one near the scorpions that drops players off to the feline akhs, and another near the scarabs that drops players off to the gorilla akhs. At the corrupted lizard room is a rope that leads to the remaining section of the dungeon. To unlock these shortcuts, players must clear the large rock blocking the way in the second half of the dungeon.

In the next section is a spiral path going down, where the remaining corrupted monsters can be found. At the base of this section, soul devourers can be found. A bridge heads deeper into a more developed area, where the imperial guard akhs (warrior, ranger and mages) are found. The First Gate is right past this group, where the Magister resides.


The dungeon has several features, including signature drops which are shared by the common monsters:


  • Diary of Oreb (RuneScore 25) - Discover and read all five journals of The Magister.



  • On release, there were several issues in the dungeon:
    • There was a bug where the chest ignored the player's luck of the dwarves ring, resulting in them getting drops that would be filtered from it, such as flax and molten glass. This was hotfixed on 20 June 2017.
    • A rogue tile in the dungeon would remove any corruption stacks the player obtained if they stood on it. This was fixed with the 19 June 2017 update.
    • When killing the monsters on a slayer task, upon finishing it, any monsters that died after the task completion gave normal reputation rather than doubled reputation. This was also fixed with the 19 June 2017 update.


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