For the red sandstone mine in Oo'glog, see Oo'glog red sandstone mine.
Sophanem red sandstone mine location

The location of the mine near Sophanem.

The Sophanem red sandstone mine is a bonus mine unlocked by completing the elite Desert Tasks. It is located south-east of Sophanem for mining red sandstone which requires a Mining level of 81. The sandstone can be used on the Robust glass machine to make Robust glass which is used to craft potion flasks with a Crafting level of 89.

This mine was added into the game on 21 January 2013, as a reward for completing the elite Desert tasks set. There is a limit of 25 pieces that can be mined per day from this mine. This limit can be extended while under the effect of a shooting star or Resourceful aura. Strange rocks and gems may be found while mining red sandstone.

The primary red sandstone mine is located outside of the ogress spa resort of Oo'glog.

The quickest way to reach the mine is to use the master camouflage outfit teleport option to Pyramid Plunder. The second best, but that uses charges, are the Jalsavrah Pyramid teleport provided by the pharaoh's sceptre or the sceptre of the gods.


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