Soran chathead

Soran is the mysterious, cloaked emissary of Zaros. He can be found in south-west Varrock wielding a glowing ancient staff. According to Soran, if one chooses to follow Zaros, Zaros will act as a "dauntless, all-knowing protector". He will give various tasks to complete in addition to a banner of Zaros and a Book of the Gods. The title "[Name] of Zaros" may be activated through this emissary.

Soran was also found on the north-east part of Tuska, during the Tuska Comes world event. He was only visible whilst wearing the ring of visibility or after Fate of the Gods, if you have Sliske's gift.

Soran was featured in the first clue of the 2013 Festive Cryptic Clue Fest.



  • The top of his staff used to glow red, but was changed to purple in an update.
  • For a brief period after the Battle of Lumbridge began, Soran vanished from his post in Varrock. This glitch has since been fixed. A Jagex Moderator claimed on the forums, that Soran had simply taken a holiday to Oo'glog Recreational Relaxation Resorts in the VIP section that no one else could access, while addressing the glitch. During this time, the only way to contact him was through the banner of Zaros.
  • It is possible that Soran has the ablity to influence the Shadow Realm, as he could only be seen with a ring of visibility or Sliske's blessing on Tuska's back during the Tuska Comes world event.
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