Sorcerer's Tower map

The Sorcerer's Tower is located south of Seers' Village, and north-east of East Ardougne

The Sorcerer's Tower is a tower south of Seers' Village. It is the residence of Thormac the sorcerer. It can also be accessed by entering the west portal on the 2nd3rd floor[UK] of the Wizards' Guild. This is one of the hard Ardougne Tasks.

The best ways to get there are using the Ardougne Cloak teleport to the nearby allotment, the Seers' Village lodestone, the fairy ring code BLR to the Legends' Guild or the combat bracelet teleport to the Ranging Guild. A sixth-age circuit teleport to Guthix's Cave is another way to get here.

At the Sorcerer's Tower, players may begin the Scorpion Catcher quest by talking to Thormac, the completion of which allows the player to pay Thormac 40,000 coins (or 27,000 coins if the player uses a Seers' headband 3) to enchant any elemental battlestaff into a mystic staff. There is a bookshelf on the ground1st floor[UK] containing the notched book, the start point to the Elemental Workshop IV quest.

The Sorcerer's Tower is extremely popular for players with high Woodcutting because it contains the second largest number of magic trees in one area (4), as well as being easily accessible. There are also three magic trees directly north-east, behind the tower.

There is also a knife spawn at the ground1st floor[UK] and 3 flax plants in the garden where the magic trees are. The closest bank to the Sorcerer's Tower is inside the Legends' Guild. The second closest bank is in Seers' Village.

A clue from a clue scroll leads to the 1st2nd floor[UK] of this tower. "Read 'how to breed scorpions' by O.W.Thathurt", Search the northern bookcase on the 1st2nd floor[UK] to solve the clue scroll in your treasure trail.

Sorcerer's tower entrance

The entrance of the sorcerer's tower, where the magic trees are located.

The music track, Magical Journey, is unlocked the first time the tower is entered.

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