This is a dangerous activity.
If you die, you will lose your items and will need to reclaim them from Death or your grave.
Soul obelisk
Soul Obelisk (Menaphos)
Release date 5 June 2017 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest No
Location Menaphos
Examine Contains the energy of countless trapped souls

Soul obelisks may appear in Menaphos periodically. They can be interacted with to gain a large amount of reputation, Runecrafting and Prayer experience, at the cost of dealing some damage to the player over time. If the player does not have level 50 Prayer, double experience is gained in Runecrafting instead from the obelisks.

Soul obelisks provide 85 base reputation every 4.8 seconds, equivalent to a little over 1,020 reputation per minute. This means that interacting with an obelisk for the entirety of its duration would provide 7,905 reputation.


After a teaser for the Magister, the obelisks started spawning in Menaphos and will remain in the game for the foreseeable future.[1] It is unclear whether or not this soul obelisk is the same as the one found at Soul Wars, which was built by Oreb's pupil, Nomad.

Spawn Mechanics

  • Multiple soul obelisks may be spawned in at any given time in multiple worlds, with one obelisk per world.
  • Each soul obelisk lasts 7 minutes and 30 seconds before despawning.
  • When an obelisk spawns in a world, there is a game message: A soul obelisk has spawned in the [district] district of Menaphos!
  • They will not spawn for roughly 40 minutes after a game update has gone live.
  • Once a soul obelisk has despawned, it will take at least 40 minutes to respawn.


Soul obelisks can award reputation and experience up to 236 times per day, therefore up to 20,060 reputation can be gained each day from the obelisks. With an update scaling reputation gain to the number of related Menaphos quests completed, if all quests through 'Phite Club have been completed, this increases to a maximum of 40,120 reputation. The awarded experience scales with the player's Runecrafting and Prayer levels, yielding 11 prayer experience and 18 runecrafting experience at level 50 up to 86 prayer experience and 137.6 runecrafting experience per drop at level 99. At a Prayer level under 50, no prayer experience will be awarded, and instead the runecrafting experience is doubled. Attempting to interact with an obelisk after reaching the cap prompts the following message: "Your soul has been weakened too much by the soul obelisk. You cannot attempt to hold back the soul obelisks any more today." This limit is reset at 00:00 UTC each day.


Map Location
Soul obelisk (Merchant district) location West of the entrance to Shifting Tombs in the Merchant district
Soul obelisk (Imperial district) location East of the entrance to the grand library in the Imperial district
Soul obelisk (Port district) location On the west side of the Port district
Soul obelisk (Worker district) location South-east of the mines in the Worker district



  • Players should bring food to heal when needed while interacting with the obelisk. To heal without interrupting the obelisk interaction, players can put food on their hotbar and then press the appropriate key. Expensive spices will increase the effectiveness of food. An Enhanced Excalibur will also grant life points while only taking up one inventory space. Wielding the Enhanced Excalibur will grant the same benefit without taking up any inventory space.
  • It is possible to interrupt the channel without moving by clicking underneath your character (similar to Tears of Guthix tactics). If this is done just after exp/reputation has been received, immediately followed by clicking the obelisk again, healing will be received a few seconds later - for returning to the realm of the living - just before the damage from the next exp/reputation gain. This can negate the majority of the damage taken if done well, potentially not even needing food for the duration of the obelisk (particularly with an Enhanced Excalibur). The lowered time spent healing (food/bank) can significantly increase the exp/reputation gained from each obelisk.
  • District bank chests, unlocked at Tier 6 for each district, can be used to heal as an alternative to food. However, the Port district bank chest is too far away to be of any benefit.
  • Players can right-click the entrances to Shifting Tombs in order to quickly travel between districts in Menaphos. This is useful for locating obelisks, and going to the available bank and Grand Exchange in the Merchant district.
  • Beware that the damage from the Soul Obelisk does not activate a portent of restoration, phoenix necklace, or ring of life. A sign of life does get activated upon death and interrupts the channelling so that no more damage is received.
  • Players who die will visit Death to reclaim their items, or respawn in the Menaphos Plaza. Players who expect to die should bank valuable items prior to going to the obelisk.
  • Previously participating in a duel with another player would heal the player instantly when initiated, however since 3 July 2017 it is not possible anymore to duel while interacting with the soul obelisk. Interacting with the soul obelisk will cancel the duel.


  1. ^ Mod Matthe. Will the Soul Obelisks stay?. 11 June 2017. (Archived from the original on 2017-06-11.) "We have no intention of removing them at this time - though they might well become a little less common as the quotes from Mod Chaplain show."*
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