Sous chef's outfit equipped

The Sous chef's outfit is acquired via Treasure Hunter, or as a possible reward when completing hard deliveries in the Gnome Restaurant minigame.

When one item is worn, they give a Cooking experience bonus of 1%. When all five pieces of this set are worn, they will grant the wearer a 6% boost in Cooking experience. If the player owns both the Cooking gauntlets and the Sous chef's mitts, they may wear the cooking gauntlets to gain the effect of both gloves (including the added 1% set bonus if the rest of the Sous chef's outfit is worn, even though the Sous chef's mitts boost will not be highlighted upon examination of the set boosts); the reverse does not work. The Sous chef's toque can be worn to be allowed access to the Cooks' Guild.

The Sous chef's toque can be combined with a Sous chef's toque add-on to create a Modified sous chef's toque, which grants additional bonuses.

If lost on death, the outfit can be retrieved from Diango in Draynor Village at no cost.

The sous chef outfit does stack with the bonfire boost. The set includes:

Experience boost

Item XP boost
Sous chef's toque Sous chef's toque 1%
Sous chef's jacket Sous chef's jacket 1%
Sous chef's trousers Sous chef's trousers 1%
Sous chef's mitts Sous chef's mitts 1%
Sous chef's shoes Sous chef's shoes 1%
Sub-total 5%
Set bonus 1%
Full set 6%
Wearing cooking gauntlets provides the same effect as the mitts in the set.
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