"Crandor mining site" redirects here. For the northern mining sites, see North Crandor mining site.
South Crandor mining site
South Crandor mining area westSouth Crandor mining area east
Release date 23 September 2001 (Update)
Location Spread across northern Crandor
Members No
Rocks 3 Coal rocks
7 Mithril rocks
3 Adamantite rocks
Monsters Moss Giants
Requirements Dragon Slayer
Main music Unknown edit
South Crandor mining area

The South Crandor mining site is two mining spots very close to one another on the southern portion of the island of Crandor. The western area is a location a Shooting Star may land when the region is given as Crandor or Karamja.

Beware of the dangerous monsters on Crandor and in the Karamja Volcano. Make sure to bring:

Access to this mine is obtained by traversing the tunnel entered from the Karamja volcano. The closest bank to these mines are in Draynor Village for free player and in TzHaar for members. It is a great place to mine the higher levelled adamantite and mithril ore, however there are moss giants near the adamantite and coal mining spots and they may prove a difficult foe to lower levelled players. A good method for mining here, if a player is in possession of an explorer's ring 3 or 4, would be to teleport to the Falador cabbage patch when they have a full inventory. Also this area is guarded by lesser demons where the deep hole to get into the volcano is.

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