Southern Wilderness mining site
Southern Wilderness mining site
Release date Unknown edit
Also known as Lum mine, Skeleton mine, Edgeville mine, Mage of Zamorak mine
Location At the point where the River Lum enters a tunnel
Members No
Rocks 4 runite
Monsters Skeletons
Requirements None
Main music Unknown edit
Wilderness south mine map

The Southern Wilderness mining site is a small mine located in level 6-7 Wilderness, near the air obelisk hill. It is rarely used, if ever, although visited quite often for the Mage of Zamorak is stationed nearby the mine and can teleport players to the Abyss. It is however, quite close to the banks at Edgeville and the Grand Exchange.

It contains four runite rocks and so can be useful for Superheat Item smithers. The downside is the mine is filled with several aggressive level 22 and 25 skeletons, which also patrol around the River Lum, meaning you will constantly be attacked when mining. The closest bank is at Edgeville, a short walk to the south. PKers can also attack you here, but because the level of the Wilderness is so low here, the skeletons are usually a greater threat than the PKers.

The mine is a possible landing site for Shooting Stars.

A few Wilderness levels north of the mine is a small wooded area with black unicorns and black bears as well as the hill with Camorra's grave and, formerly, the Stealing Creation outpost.

Before the updates of 11 February 2011, the mine was a hotspot for revenants, often having four or five revenants around it, the most common ones being the revenant imp, revenant goblin, revenant dragon and revenant cyclops.

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