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A player jumping into a spa.
Release date 29 January 2008 (Update)
Members Yes
Quest As a First Resort
Location Throughout Oo'glog
Examine Varies
Oo'glog map.png

Spa or Spa facilities are a reward of the As a First Resort quest. There are 5 pools located in the Ogre city of Oo'glog. Players can bathe in all pools, and possess all effects from the pools at once. Players can also use an ogre flask, available as a reward from the Bounty Hunter & Deathmatch Reward Shop, to bottle a pool's effect for later use.

To enter or leave a pool, left-click the edge of the pool where it says "Climb-over Rocks".

The fastest way to get there is to teleport to the Oo'glog Lodestone, or you can teleport to Mobilising Armies, by either using the level 10 teleport spell, the spirit tree, or the Ring of duelling, and then run east, but alternative methods are available. These include using the Ectophial teleport (or Catherby Teleport) and then chartering a boat from Port Phasmatys (or Catherby); running from the Feldip Hills Fairy Ring (AKS) to the agility shortcut are two other options. Players with 57 summoning can use the Spirit Larupia Teleport to land the player a short distance north of Oo'glog in the Chinchompa hunting ground.

The thermal and salt-water springs


Spa Picture Examine Message
Bandos pool Bandos pool.png Strange, copper-infused waters. You jump into the copper infused waters.
You feel the favour of Bandos wash over you.
The Bandos pool will mark players as followers of Bandos and none of his followers will attack them in God Wars Dungeon. The effect lasts for one hour.
Sulphur spring Sulphur spring.png Smells like rotten eggs. You jump into the bubbling, sulphurous waters.
You feel serene after your rest. Your Prayer points have been restored.
The sulphur spring temporarily boosts Prayer by about 10% of a player's level as it restores Prayer points. This was the highest Prayer bonus given by any altar in RuneScape, but was replaced in December 2009 by the Senntisten Altar with 15% Prayer boost.
Salt-water spring Salt-water spring.png Bubbling water and salt of the earth. You jump into the limpid, salty waters.
You feel energised and hastened after your relaxing soak.
The salt-water spring allows for unlimited run energy by restoring run energy to 100% every two ticks for a limited amount of time. Players get an in-game message that the effect has worn off. It will last approximately 8 to 25 minutes.
This bath is quite useful for any extended run errands such as doing Treasure Trails, Farming runs, Runecrafting, All Fired Up, Blast Furnace, Penguin/Star hunting as well as several quests. It also allows you to run in the Ice Path, where you normally cannot. For example, a player with a prepared inventory can teleport to Edgeville immediately after exiting pool and run 10-15 abyss trips or more before the effect wears off. It is also very helpful for the Familiarisation Distraction and Diversion, where the unlimited run energy makes it almost impossible to be caught by opposing familiars. The effects of the spring are still active after death.
Thermal bath Thermal bath.png Ever been in hot water before? You jump into the warm, relaxing thermal bath.

You feel restored and invigorated.

The thermal bath heals the player, cures poison, and applies poison immunity for around 14 minutes. For one hour, the bath boosts the player's maximum life points cap by +3 per Constitution level, for a maximum of +297 at level 99. This stacks additively with the life point boosts from bonfires, Fortitude, and life point boosting equipment.
Mud bath Mud bath.png Mud, mud, glorious mud. You jump into the pit of thick, squelching mud.

After a bath in such luxuriant mud, you feel your Hunter skills are extra keen.

The mud bath boosts player's Hunter level by 10% (rounded down), making them more likely to catch hunter creatures. This boost will not stack with the boost from drinking a Hunter potion. The bath also temporarily removes the players' scent whilst hunting, effectively equivalent to smoking all traps with lit torch for a period of time. The boost drops by one point every minute.


  • The examine text "Mud, mud glorious mud" is a reference to "The Hippopotamus Song" by the comical duo Flanders and Swann.
  • Prior to the EoC, ogres, ogresses, and jogres in God Wars Dungeon would still remain aggressive after bathing in the Bandos pool.
  • Even though healing is capped at the player's maximum life points, the thermal bath actually heals the player by their maximum life points plus 1,000 life points. This can be seen by using Obliteration's special attack on a player and then quickly jumping in or out of the bath. Also, the bath heals the player when the player jumps in and when the player gets out of the bath.
  • Currently there is a bug that using thermal bath, the antipoison status would remain even after the boost is gone.