Not to be confused with Sparkle.
Tinsel snake
Release date 20 December 2011 (Update)
Members Yes
Race Tinsel Snake
Source 2011 Christmas event, 2014 Christmas event
Interface No
A Towering Feast
Food None
Colour variations 1
Examine Sparkles the Tinsel Snake[sic]
Sparkles chathead

Sparkles the tinsel snake is a members-only pet that was obtained as an extra reward from the 2011 Christmas event. Players would be notified by Sedridor that an enchanted piece of decoration had been causing havoc in the kitchen and he told players that if they could catch it, they could keep it. Sparkles was located in the jars where the Christmas puddings were jumping. After a few tries, Sparkles would jump out of a jar and you needed to catch it.

Sparkles can also be obtained as part of the 2014 Christmas event, as a reward for handing in a line of 10 decorations in the Varrock Christmas tree event.

Sparkles, like any other pet, can be dismissed and lost upon death; however, Sparkles will return to Diango and can easily be retrieved at any time.



  • When using Sparkles with a Wintumber tree, Sparkles will say "Don't even think about it sssssssssssssunshine!"
  • When asked about its hat, Sparkles will state that it was stolen. The player assumes that it stole its hat from Santa Claus, which might not be true as all tinsel snakes sport Santa hats.
  • If players put Sparkles in a toy box in their house and then go to a pet shop and ask if they have any strays, they will give players another Sparkles.
  • If Sparkles is in a player's menagerie in their house they will receive another sparkles upon handing in 10 decorations in the Varrock Christmas tree event.
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