Sparse Plane
Sparse Plane
Release date 13 May 2010 (Update)
Kingdom Zanaris
Members area Yes
Main music Unknown edit
Leader None
Teleportation Fairy Ring Code BIR
Bank map icon None Altar map icon None
Sparse Plane map

The Sparse Plane is a small plane discovered in the quest Fairytale III - Orks Rift. At the start of the quest, the player is teleported to this plane when using the fairy rings. The area is part of Zanaris, and is basically a small clearing surrounded by the same impassable trees that surround the fairy city.

In the Sparse Plane, the player encounters Fairy Very Wise who will tell the player the fairies are once again in need of the player's help. She tells the player that the Sparse Plane is used by the fairies as a place where they can meet in times of need. After the player leaves, so does Fairy Very Wise. There are no other NPCs or features of any kind in the Sparse Plane, except for the fairy ring, and after the player has met Fairy Very Wise the plane has no use. Players can travel back to the Sparse Plane via the fairy rings by choosing the code BIR.

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