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The query [[Drops item::Divine Inspiration (Tier 0)]] OR [[Drops item from RDT::Divine Inspiration (Tier 0)]] was answered by the SMWSQLStore3 (from cache) in 0.0043 seconds.

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Saradominist champion
Saradominist crusader
Saradominist field medic
Saradominist gatherer
Saradominist minelayer
Saradominist ranger
Saradominist rogue
Saradominist sage
Saradominist sharpshooter
Zamorakian champion
Zamorakian field medic
Zamorakian footsoldier
Zamorakian gatherer
Zamorakian minelayer
Zamorakian rogue
Zamorakian sharpshooter
Zamorakian sniper
Zamorakian warlock (Battle of Lumbridge)
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