This page lists the tags that the software may mark an edit with, and their meaning.

Tag nameAppearance on change listsFull description of meaningTagged changes
visualeditorVisualEditor (edit)Edit made using the VisualEditor (edit)129,222 changes
visualeditor-needcheckVisualEditor: Check (edit)Edit made using the VisualEditor where the system detected the wikitext possibly having unintended changes. (edit)2,059 changes
Non-script GEMW updateNon-script GEMW update (edit) (edit)1,430 changes
IP edit to user pageIP edit to user page (edit) (edit)1,177 changes
Speedy deletionSpeedy deletion (edit) (edit)1,079 changes
Small new articleSmall new article (edit) (edit)977 changes
Repeating charactersRepeating characters (edit) (edit)904 changes
Possible nonsense/gibberishPossible nonsense/gibberish (edit) (edit)887 changes
mobileeditmobileedit (edit) (edit)873 changes
charm-edit-vandalPossible vandalism (edit)User submitted charm data that might be vandalism (edit)821 changes
Possible GEMW vandalismPossible GEMW vandalism (edit) (edit)642 changes
Section blankingSection blanking (edit) (edit)499 changes
WhitespaceWhitespace (edit) (edit)422 changes
Inappropriate languageInappropriate language (edit) (edit)369 changes
Red links found in articleRed links found in article (edit) (edit)366 changes
External imageExternal image (edit) (edit)335 changes
charm-edit-non-scriptNon-script charm edit (edit)User edited a charm log without using the charm log script (edit)324 changes
Possible RS:DDD violationPossible RS:DDD violation (edit) (edit)310 changes
Possible bad languagePossible bad language (edit) (edit)280 changes
torMade through Tor (edit) (edit)255 changes
Possible RDT additionPossible RDT addition (edit) (edit)231 changes
BlankingBlanking (edit) (edit)168 changes
Possible charm log vandalismPossible charm log vandalism (edit) (edit)134 changes
YouTube linksYouTube links (edit) (edit)133 changes
Adding signature to articleAdding signature to article (edit) (edit)127 changes
British to American flooring changeBritish to American flooring change (edit) (edit)113 changes
User/player/clan articleUser/player/clan article (edit) (edit)112 changes
charm-new-logNew charm log (edit)User submitted charm data to a charm log with less than 250 kills (edit)93 changes
IP edit to a user pageIP edit to a user page (edit) (edit)92 changes
Red linksRed links (edit) (edit)72 changes
Possible RTE failPossible RTE fail (edit) (edit)58 changes
added RDT itemadded RDT item (edit) (edit)49 changes
[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Possible GEMW vandalism[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Possible GEMW vandalism (edit) (edit)41 changes
Possible vandalismPossible vandalism (edit) (edit)40 changes
User Page in MainspaceUser Page in Mainspace (edit) (edit)26 changes
Possible chat log tamperingPossible chat log tampering (edit) (edit)24 changes
Possible RS:DDD vioPossible RS:DDD vio (edit) (edit)19 changes
adding external imageadding external image (edit) (edit)12 changes
[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Small new article[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Small new article (edit) (edit)9 changes
Possible RTE failurePossible RTE failure (edit) (edit)5 changes
upload by a new userupload by a new user (edit) (edit)4 changes
adding user links to articleadding user links to article (edit) (edit)3 changes
[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Unwikified new article[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Unwikified new article (edit) (edit)3 changes
[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Section blanking[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Section blanking (edit) (edit)2 changes
cam-testcam-test (edit) (edit)2 changes
incorrect file namingincorrect file naming (edit) (edit)1 change
IP user pageIP user page (edit) (edit)1 change
[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Possible vandalism[[RS:ABUSE|Tag:]] Possible vandalism (edit) (edit)1 change
GEMW mass-updatingGEMW mass-updating (edit) (edit)0 changes
cg_module_ipcg_module_ip (edit) (edit)0 changes
visualeditor-switchedVisualEditor: Switched (edit)User started to edit using VisualEditor then changed to the wikitext editor. (edit)0 changes
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