Special teak log detail

Special teak logs can be obtained while chopping down teak trees. They are obtained instead of the normal teak logs 2% of the time, and yield the same amount of Woodcutting experience as normal teak logs when chopped. They cannot be obtained from Managing Miscellania. They cannot be lit for Firemaking experience. Juju woodcutting potions will send these logs directly to the bank.

Special teak logs have two uses:

  • Sell them to the Sawmill Operator, north-east of Varrock, Taverley, or Prifddinas for 1,300 coins.
  • Exchange two of them for a completely free conversion of teak logs in your inventory into teak planks. You can convert up to 27 teak logs into teak planks each trip (2 noted special logs and 27 teak logs in inventory). This values special teak logs at 5,022 coins each (based on GE prices for teak planks). This is not possible with a portable sawmill.


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  • Despite having a three-log image, this item is only referred to as "log" instead of "logs."
  • If you have only 1 special log or 1 of each (mahogany and teak), the sawmill owner will only offer to buy your special logs.
  • Special teak logs are one of two special logs in the game, the other being Special mahogany log.
  • A special teak log weighs 0.1 kg more than an ordinary teak log.
  • The sawmill operator will not tell the player the buyer's identity because "the log is priceless to the right buyer".
  • The sawmill would not accept special logs in noted form until an update on 14 January 2013.
  • When converting teak logs to planks using special teak logs, no sawdust spawns on the ground, unlike when normally paying to convert logs to planks.
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