Spell scroll detail

The spell scroll is a scroll received as a reward from the Watchtower quest. When read, the player learns the Watchtower Teleport (requires level 58 Magic), consuming the scroll.

Reading the scroll gives the dialogue message You memorise what is written on the scroll. The next message reads You can now cast the Watchtower teleport spell… …Provided you have the required runes and magic level.

If the player loses the scroll before reading it, they can speak to the Watchtower Wizard to obtain another one. The player may learn the spell even without the requirement of level 58 Magic to use it.

Players can obtain multiple spell scrolls using the drop trick. Reading subsequent spell scrolls after reading one results in the same dialogue messages appearing, though there is no actual effect because the spell is already unlocked.

Spell scrolls cannot be fed to baby trolls.


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