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Spider Queen only appears during certain events and may not be currently found in game.
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The Spider Queen is a spider found in the 2009 Hallowe'en event which has sent a giant spider into the Grim Reaper's bath tubs. She was offended that the Grim Reaper took the cob webs out of his house and asks you to put them back. She gives you a spider called Eek to help you do this who you can keep at the end of the quest. She also gives you your final reward of a Web Cloak when you complete it.

Since time immemorial, Guthix has decreed that the Grim Reaper's role involve a particular aesthetic. The scythe! The hood! The bones! The Grim Reaper must have these things! The decor of his house is similarly prescribed. it must be dark. It must be ominous. It must be spooky. And it must have spider-webs! But the Grim Reaper has cleaned his house and removed all the spider-webs. At Hallowe'en, the most spooky of seasons! I take this as an insult! The bath spider will remain until the Grim Reaper's house is full of its proper cobwebs.
Spider Queen, 2009 Hallowe'en event

The Spider Queen can be found on the 4th and final floor of the Spider Realm


  • Her examine text refers to the Miss Muffet children's rhyme.
  • Despite living in the Spider realm, the Queen appears to be a Guthixian, as she says that the Grim Reaper has offended the balance set by Guthix by removing the cobwebs in his house.
  • Her examine text is the same as that of a Spirit Spider's.
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